Tuesday, 31 December 2013


In my Christmas stocking this year, I got a few little Soap & Glory goodies. Soap & Glory is probably my favourite make for body butter, lotions etc, just because all the products are so pretty and smell so delicious.

The first thing I opened was 'The Righteous Butter' which is probably one of the most popular Soap & Glory products. I've repurchased this a few times before just because it's so lovely. The flavour of it is shea butter and aloe vera but honestly it smells so much more amazing than it sounds. I love using it after having a bath because it gives a really smooth, refreshing feeling and the fresh scent lingers all day.

The next thing I opened was the 'Hand Maid' hand cleansing gel, in other words, hand sanitizer. I do like to use hand sanitizer as I can be a bit of a germ freak and it's always nice to give your hands a quick refresh. Most hand sanitizers don't smell great and can smell a bit alcohol-y, but this one is far from that. It's described as fresh, fruity and floral scented which is spot on. It's sort of like a nice sweet grapefruit smell. On top of that, it's in a cute little bottle which will fit in your bag easily and it's pink!

The last Soap & Glory product I got was another body butter but this time it was the 'Daily smooth amazingly effective dry skin formula body butter'..wow that was a mouthful. This one has a slightly thicker consistency than the righteous butter as it's mainly for dry skin e.g. knees, elbows and toes. It definitely leaves the skin lovely and smooth and of course it smells absolutely delicious. It's flavoured with rose-hip seed oil and cocoa butter which make a super combination.

Have you guys got any Soap & Glory products?

Monday, 30 December 2013


For Christmas this year my brother got me the One Direction fragrance set which also comes with the body lotion.. best brother or what?!! I was extremely happy with this because I've been wanting the fragrance since it came out. I just think perfume is something that is kind of weird to buy for yourself. It's more of a present thing..might just be me?

Anyway I think a lot of people kind of get the impression that it's going to smell really tacky and cheap, but I can honestly say it really doesn't. I'm probably not the best person at describing scents but I'd say it's quite fruity and sweet, but also ever so slightly musky which balances the sweetness perfectly. The body lotion pretty much smells exactly the same so by wearing the lotion and the fragrance, it helps to make the smell last for much longer. Saying that though, the fragrance actually lingers for a very long time unlike some other fragrances out there.

I think the bottle is really cute and feminine. The only thing that I think kind of ruins it, is the pink netting at the top. It's not terrible but I just think it kind of cheapens the look of it. Overall though, it's a really girly, lovely smelling perfume and I think most girls would agree with me :)

Did any of you get the One Direction fragrance for Christmas?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


1. Me and my cute cousin Nina at her 2nd birthday party. 2. Pretty tree decorations. 
3. Went out for a meal with my grandparents and brother and I had 'Penne Pollo Funghi'. 
4. Sixth Form Christmas Carolling. 5. Pretty decorations at my grandparents'. 
6. Went out for a tasty meal for my friends 18th Birthday (Linguini Ragu).

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What have you guys been up to lately?

Monday, 16 December 2013



 So it gets to December, the month of buying presents for other people, and what do I do?
Go and spend a large amount of money on myself of course! To be fair I hadn't actually bought myself anything for a while.. well kinda!

I treated myself to;

MOTO Mottled Bleach Joni Jeans- Bleach Stone £36

Everytime I buy a pair of Topshop jeans I'm thinking to myself this WILL be the last pair but it never is because they're so amazing. Soon I'm going to have the whole range I swear haha! These one's are great because the bleachy-acidy wash makes them a bit more statement, so perfect for wearing with simple/plain tops.

Petite Biker Jacket £45

I've been wanting a leather jacket for ages and was toying with buying it a while ago when it was around £56? As soon as I saw the price had been reduced I simply couldn't resist. Plus it has fur and who doesn't love a bit of fur?!

Petite Boxy Fur Gilet- Mink £65 

This was quite a splurge but it's literally so beeeaautiful. Perfect for winter and all snug.. can you tell I love fur at the moment?!

What have you guys treated yourself to this month?

Monday, 9 December 2013


1. I liked my collar-jumper combo. 2. Amazing Christmas decorations. 3. I found a heart shape balloon. 4. Festive baking at work. 5. Family advent calendar. 6. I got some new clothes. 7. Christmas Graze box. 8.Got hungry while Christmas shopping so I tried the new 'Chicken Celebration' from Mcdonalds.

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