Monday, 30 December 2013


For Christmas this year my brother got me the One Direction fragrance set which also comes with the body lotion.. best brother or what?!! I was extremely happy with this because I've been wanting the fragrance since it came out. I just think perfume is something that is kind of weird to buy for yourself. It's more of a present thing..might just be me?

Anyway I think a lot of people kind of get the impression that it's going to smell really tacky and cheap, but I can honestly say it really doesn't. I'm probably not the best person at describing scents but I'd say it's quite fruity and sweet, but also ever so slightly musky which balances the sweetness perfectly. The body lotion pretty much smells exactly the same so by wearing the lotion and the fragrance, it helps to make the smell last for much longer. Saying that though, the fragrance actually lingers for a very long time unlike some other fragrances out there.

I think the bottle is really cute and feminine. The only thing that I think kind of ruins it, is the pink netting at the top. It's not terrible but I just think it kind of cheapens the look of it. Overall though, it's a really girly, lovely smelling perfume and I think most girls would agree with me :)

Did any of you get the One Direction fragrance for Christmas?