Monday, 16 December 2013



 So it gets to December, the month of buying presents for other people, and what do I do?
Go and spend a large amount of money on myself of course! To be fair I hadn't actually bought myself anything for a while.. well kinda!

I treated myself to;

MOTO Mottled Bleach Joni Jeans- Bleach Stone £36

Everytime I buy a pair of Topshop jeans I'm thinking to myself this WILL be the last pair but it never is because they're so amazing. Soon I'm going to have the whole range I swear haha! These one's are great because the bleachy-acidy wash makes them a bit more statement, so perfect for wearing with simple/plain tops.

Petite Biker Jacket £45

I've been wanting a leather jacket for ages and was toying with buying it a while ago when it was around £56? As soon as I saw the price had been reduced I simply couldn't resist. Plus it has fur and who doesn't love a bit of fur?!

Petite Boxy Fur Gilet- Mink £65 

This was quite a splurge but it's literally so beeeaautiful. Perfect for winter and all snug.. can you tell I love fur at the moment?!

What have you guys treated yourself to this month?