Tuesday, 7 January 2014



So last Friday me and my fam went on a little mini break to London for a few days. I'm a big fan of London so I was very excited indeed. We got the train there on Friday morning which only took two hours. To be honest I think I would go to London a lot more if it wasn't for the ridiculously expensive train prices! Anyway, we all had a great time and it was nice to spend some time all together since we haven't been on holiday in a while now. 

We did lots of shopping, saw lots of sites and of course ate a LOT of yummy food! We stayed in a lovely hotel called The Marriott which was right by the London eye, so had quite a pretty view out the window. On the Saturday night we went to an Asian theme restaurant called Inamo that had interactive tables! It was literally incredible! You ordered everything you wanted using your table and you could also play little games while you were waiting. I would definitely recommend it if you live in or are visiting London.

 One thing that I definitely love about London is the fact I get 3G literally everywhere...meaning I could tweet all day long (I know I'm a social networking geek) but yes I LOVE that. It gave me a little taster of the area I could be moving to for uni in September, Exciting stuff!