Thursday, 20 February 2014


I recently made a few purchases so I thought I would just do I quick post on them because I think they're so pretty. Both are from Topshop.. I should probably venture into other shops at some point as it seems like I spend pretty much all my money there.

The first one is a fur jumper in a powder-ish blue colour. So many people seem to have this but I understand why since it's so cosy and cute. I am aware of the fact that Primark make a dupe of it, but I'm pretty certain it won't look as nice and high quality. If I remember correctly, it was £36 which is pretty typical for a Topshop jumper.

The second one is a mint green 3/4 sleeve jumper. Well actually it's more of a top than a jumper, but it's just as thick as a jumper so it feels quite heavy and high quality. I'm not sure how to describe the pattern on it, but you can see in the picture it's quite different. Oh and by the way, the pattern isn't just a print on the top, it's actually engraved (that's not the right word but go with it :P) into the top. This one was also £36.

Both pieces go really nicely with a simple pair of black skinny jeans and black ankle boots which is probably my favourite kind of thing to wear on an every day basis at the moment. Oh, and I thought I would just mention that I do apologise for the mirror pictures. It's just that there was no one about to take the pictures of me! For my birthday next month I'm hoping to get a Canon 600D and a tripod for it so I will be able to take blog pictures of outfits with no issues and that are a lot higher quality than my Iphone 4S!