Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday to meeEEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! I literally can't believe it. I'm actually 18! I'm officially an adult..I mean I don't look it, but yes, technically I am now an adult. 

This birthday has both excited me at the fact I am now able to do most things, but made me quite sad that I'm kind of saying bye to my childhood. It's unbelievable how fast the years go by. I remember being age 5 in year 1 and looking up to the year 6's thinking I'd never get there, and now here I am, in year 13 and age 18. When I was younger I always used to see 18 year old's basically as adults, but now that I'm at this age I feel exactly the same, and just as much of a child as I was then..and yes I do still watch the Disney channel. I guess instead of being sad about leaving my childhood behind I should just be happy at all the exciting things I have to come.

Today I've just been at sixth form which isn't mega exciting but every time someone said 'Happy Birthday' to me it felt so nice. Tonight I'm going for a meal with my grandparents and brother which should be reaaaally nice. I've only opened presents from some my friends so far (camera, perfume, socks, necklace and chewing gum), as my Mum can only come back from work tonight. I tell you, waiting until tonight for my presents is pure torture! Then I've got my meal and party with my friends on Friday night which I am ridiculously excited about. My parents have hired a limo and everything EEEEEK!..and no alcohol involved at all ;) ;) 

I thought I would include some photo's of mini me just to show you how much I've changed from when I was a teeny tot to being 18 years old (not that I'm not still teeny!).

I used to look a bit like Dora the explorer, don't you think!