Monday, 14 April 2014


Another bubble bar post! This time it’s ‘The Comforter’ bubble bar. As always, it looks super pretty with it’s white and pinky purple swirl. The bar contains cassis absolute, which gives it a lovely blackcurrant smell. Think purple skittles and purple starbursts mmmmm!

As usual with Lush bubble bars, I only use half at a time as I don’t make my baths ridiculously full and I don’t like wasting it all in one go! When I crumbled it into my bath, the water went an amazing bright pink colour and the sweet blackcurrant aroma filled the room. It was lovely.

After getting out the bath, the delicious scent lingered for a while and I felt all relaxed and pampered.

This bubble bar also contains bergamot oil, which is supposed to be uplifting and cleansing, I don’t know about uplifting, but after my bath I definitely felt all fresh and clean. It also contains cypress oil, which is supposed to be calming and toning.  As I mentioned before, I found using this bubble bar calming and relaxing. Much needed with all my exam stress at the moment!

Have any of you ever used The Comforter? What are your thoughts on it?