Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Another Lush product! (I swear I'm obsessed). This time it’s their ‘Think Pink’ bath bomb. I don’t like bath bombs quite as much as bubble bars, but they’re still something to make your bath that extra bit special.

This bath bomb was super cute and pink with little different coloured flowers engraved into the top of it. The initial smell is very sweet and vanilla-ish with a hint of a kind of sweet sherbet smell. I think most Lush products have that similar sherbet smell. The bath bomb contains fairtrade vanilla, tonka, lavender oil and neroli oil. You can probably imagine how delicious it smells!

As soon as I put it into my bath, it literally started crazily fizzing. I’ve used bath bombs before, but none of them have fizzed in the same way as this one did! My bath then very quickly turned full on Barbie pink. Then for the best part. When I got into the bath, I realized there was lots of little confetti hearts floating in the water! How cute is that! Based on that alone, i'd say this is probably my favourite bath bomb that i've used!

Have any of you tried the think pink bath bomb?