Friday, 18 April 2014


Pandora jewellery seems to be all the rage at the moment. There’s just something about it that just makes it so special. I don’t think I would ever buy anything Pandora for myself, just because I think it’s more of a gift type thing you buy for someone else. Plus I can never justify spending that much on jewellery, because I always put clothes first! (Clothes are my life).

I only recently got my first Pandora piece. It’s the purple leather bracelet that wraps around your wrist. I prefer this one to the original fully silver ones, just because I think it goes with more, and it’s more like something I can wear every day.

I only have two charms for my bracelet so far, but I love them both. One of them is a little square shaped charm with an ‘R’ for Rachel on it… obviously. The other one is a little heart-ish shaped one with an 18 on it (my age). I love how the charms that they sell, can represent memories or just things personal to you. It means that in years to come, I can look at my and remember each memory associated with each individual charm. I think this sort of explains the Pandora tag line which is ‘unforgettable moments'.

Over the years I will probably get additional charms for Christmases and birthdays and eventually i'll probably end up with a nice little collection. I think that when I actually manage to pass my driving test, I'll have to get a little car one!.. yes they do those!

Have any of you got any Pandora jewellery?