Wednesday, 23 July 2014


I'm a huge fan of Celine bags, but not so much a fan of their extortionate prices! Lets face it, not everyone has a spare  £1000+ readily available just to blow on a bag. Even if it is the most heavenly bag you have ever seen!

Anyway, I needed a new bag so I had a little browse on Ebay to see if I could find anything nice. I came across this Celine 'lookalike' bag. For only £16.99 I just couldn't resist! Because of the low price, when the bag came I wasn't expecting it to be amazing quality. The bag however, looks so nice and not at all cheap. It even has that lovely fresh leather smell! Basically just like a Celine bag, minus the Celine label... one day Rachel, one day. The bag is super spacious and has a few compartments inside which is also handy. It also comes with a longer detachable strap that you can use if you prefer a longer handle.

Hopefully one day I will manage to get hold of a real Celine bag. But for the time being, this will do! If any of you are interested in the bag, here's where I purchased it.