Monday, 7 July 2014


I haven't used many products from the Body Shop, but one product that I have used a lot of are their body butters. Over the years I have tried out so many of the different ones e.g. mango, coconut, shea, olive, plum, strawberry and many more. I love how they come in so many different flavours because it means everyone can find the one with their preferred scent. I do find that they all seem to do the exact same thing though.. I'm not actually sure if they're meant to?!

I like to use the body butters to moisturise after I've got out the bath and fully dried myself (make sure you're completely dry or it just results in a greasy mess!). The product is really thick and not at all runny or greasy. It sinks in to my skin fairly quickly and leaves my skin feeling super smooth, as well as leaving the lovely scent of whichever flavour I have used. At £13 a tub for the large one's, they're not exactly super cheap, but I would definitely say they are worth it. You can also get sets of the smaller ones like I have if you would rather try out a few different flavours.

My favourite one at the moment is the mango just because the fresh scent goes really well with the warm summer weather. Next on my list are the chocolate, almond and passion fruit.. how good do they sound?!

Have any of you tried the Body Shop body butter?