Friday, 31 October 2014


If any of you have an iPhone and have been on Ebay to attempt to choose a phone case, you will probably feel my pain. There are just too many to choose from.. and SO many of them are SUPER cute. How on earth are you meant to decide?! I mean do you go simple and classy with a heart print, or cool and quirky with a Moschino fries case??

I managed to pick out a few of my favourite cases which are all available on Ebay.. although this took some serious narrowing down! I might just have to buy them all and alternate them every day.. ;)

Which is your favourite?

Thursday, 30 October 2014


As well as plum and red lipstick, my other favourite lipstick shade is nude. I love how wearable nude lipstick is, and how it still adds a little something, without being bold and in your face. I can sometimes feel a bit self conscious wearing bold lipstick colours, so I can never go wrong with a nice nude shade.

I recently purchased one of the Rimmel London, Moisture Renew lipsticks in the shade Nude Delight. As you can see from the pictures, it's a typical peachy, nude shade. It's so pretty! Because it's so neutral, it looks great with dramatic smoky eyes and winged eye liner.

Anyway, about the lipstick! As the name suggests, the lipstick is lovely and moisturising, and doesn't go dry/gammy on your lips. It also smells really nice, which I actually find is the case with all Rimmel lipsticks.. always a plus! The only down side I would say is that it does need re-applying quite often.. which is kind of expected from a lower cost drug store lipstick. If you want to retain the strength of the colour, you just have to remember to carry it with you so you can quickly re-apply whenever needed!

What's your favourite nude lipstick?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


One of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter is being able to wear boots. I love boots. Partially because I think they look cool.. but also because I ALWAYS seem to have cold feet. I normally like to wear boots with a little heel, but for times where I'm going to be out on my feet all day, I need something flat and comfortable.

I was kindly sent these black, flat Chelsea boots, courtesy of tReds and I absolutely love them..(I'm really not just saying that). They have a lovely faux suede-y/velvety feel to them and because they're flat, they're super comfortable/practical. Not to mention, they look great with skirts and trousers. The boots are from the brand 'Strawberry by VT' and tReds are one of the main distributors of this brand in the UK. The brand is quite inexpensive and the boots that I got are actually currently on sale for £9.99 (originally £24.99) which I honestly think is an amazing price for a high quality pair of boots. 

What's your go-to Autumn/Winter shoe?

*Strawberry boots - tReds

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I went shopping yesterday with my sister and picked up a few new clothes. I haven't really been a fan of h&m at the moment, but after going in yesterday, I now love it! They have such a good range of basics and they're so cheap. Like Primark prices, but so much better quality and a nicer range. I don't normally like tops with writing on, but this one caught my eye. Something about the font and the fact it says 'Chic' (love that word), drew me in. Plus is was only £9.99 so why not?! 

I also went into Miss Selfridge yesterday. I love Miss Selfridge mainly because It's one of the few shops that have a Petite range. They have so many lovely skirts and skorts at the moment, so it's definitely worth a look. I chose this monochrome print one because you can never really go wrong with monochrome. I was in the shop for ageeeees deciding which one to buy though.. quite a regular thing for me AKA Miss indecisive.

Top - H&M 
Skort - Miss Selfridge 
Shoes - Topshop

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Hats, gloves and scarves are a MUST for Winter in England. They also MUST be super cute.. or is that just me? ;) I mean who can resist gloves with penguins on, or a beanie with little jewels on? I also think faux fur and fair isle prints are so perfect for accessorising this season.

1 | Pink embellished beanie | Miss Selfridge | £16
2| Faux fur paw mittens | Topshop | £20
3| Mint beanie hat | Miss Selfridge | £16
4| Tartan check scarf | River Island | £15
5| Neppy fair isle gloves | River Island | £14
6| Faux fur collar | George | £4
7| Black penguin mitten gloves | River Island | £8

I think when it comes to cute winter accessories, River Island is the place to be! They just have such a lovely range.

Which is your favourite accessory?

Friday, 24 October 2014


As Autumn has arrived, so have the dark fall lipsticks. I am obsessed with plum lipstick at the moment. I just think it looks so nice! I had been lusting after the MAC lipstick in the plum shade 'Cyber'... but let's face it, MAC lipsticks are £15.50 each and I can't always afford to splurge that much on a lipstick!

Instead, I did a bit of research and found a 'MAC dupes' website (these are super useful for anyone who likes to find a bargain - like me!). One of the dupes for Cyber was Revlon's lipstick in 'Va Va Violet'. It was only around £3.99 on Ebay, so a major bargain compared to the MAC equivalent!

The lipstick is the perfect dark, plum shade. The pictures make it look quite pink, but in reality it's quite dark and vampy looking. I admit that the lipstick isn't super long lasting, but for the price, you can't really complain! If you're looking for something long lasting though, you're probably better off splurging a bit more on MAC. The lipstick is quite moisturising and didn't dry up on my lips like some cheaper lipsticks tend to do. So overall, a really good product.

What's your favourite Autumn/Winter lipstick?

Thursday, 23 October 2014


This mint green and crochet top is the last thing I got from NaaNaa clothing. As I've mentioned a few times, mint green is one of my favourite colours to wear, and paired with the crochet detailing, I think this top is really cute and pretty! The white crochet edge makes it quite statement, so I just wore it with my simple black Jamie jeans from Topshop.

Top - NaaNaa*
Jeans - Topshop

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


I'm definitely one of those people that can't go anywhere without lip balm. Honestly, whenever I'm a situation where I've forgotten lip balm, my lips end up ridiculously dry and painful. Anyone else with me? Because of this, I seem to have accumulated quite a large collection of lip balms. Of all the one's I've tried, I have two all time favourites.

My first favourite is the Cocoa butter Vaseline. I've always been a fan of the regular Vaseline, but let's face it, anything that smells like chocolate is going to be a winner! I just find that it's by far the most moisturising and long lasting lip balm. It's inexpensive and the little tubs seem to last FOREVER! I'm still yet to actually finish one!

My second favourite is the passion fruit lip butter from The Body Shop. I admit that this one isn't the best in terms of keeping your lips moisturised for a long time, but BOY does it smell good!.. I'm a sucker for products that smell good ok. It literally smells of a tropical passion fruit cocktail.. sounds good right?! It also leaves a little shiny shimmer on your lips which is always nice.

What's your favourite lip balm?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Dry shampoo is one of those products i'm just a little bit obsessed with at the moment. I honestly don't know how my hair coped without it! Recently I've been using a new one by Herbal Essences. I was instantly attracted to it as it claims to give your hair uplifting volume. I've mentioned before, my hair can sometimes look a bit lifeless so anything claiming to give it volume is a yes from me. Oh and I was also attracted to it because it's on offer at Tesco.. yes I'm a bargain hunter!

The spray has a fresh citrus smell which I absolutely love. I've found that some dry shampoos can have quite a sweet, sickly smell to them, but this one is so refreshing and clean smelling. Ideal for when you want your hair to appear freshly washed!

Anyway, does it actually work? Well I can honestly say this is my new favourite dry shampoo! It made my hair feel so soft, literally as if I had just washed it. As well as that, there was no cakey-ness and build up, which i've experienced with every other dry shampoo I've used. No white spray marks either! The product gives my hair a little more volume when it needs it, but I found that for intense volume, it works better combined with a volumising powder.

What's your favourite dry shampoo?

Monday, 20 October 2014


I don't know about anyone else, but I can always find so many clothes that I want to buy. That is until an event comes up, and I'm under pressure to find the perfect dress to wear. Why is it that when you're not specifically looking for a dress, you find the perfect one! But then you're scanning every shop from top to bottom because you NEED something to wear, and there is absolutely NOTHING?! I surely can't be the only one right?

I recently came across a website called Aviva Dress. From the name, you've probably guessed that they specialise in selling dresses! They have dresses for all events such as prom dresses, evening dresses, formal dresses and even bridesmaid dresses. That way you can find the perfect one for the event that you're going to. Weather it's a celebration meal, or an evening out, they will have the perfect little number! They're not super super cheap, but for high quality dresses, they're really not mega expensive at all.. especially compared to what you could end up paying for a similar dress on the high street!

I'm sure every girl will know that when you buy a dress, you want it to be the perfect dress for you. When you're wearing a dress you love, it gives you so much more confidence and poise. There's nothing worse than being out, wearing something that you don't think looks very nice/suits you. It's such an uncomfortable feeling!

Here are a few of my favourite dresses from the site. There are SOOO many that are lovely. As you can probably tell, I'm really into pale white/cream coloured, above the knee dresses. There are plenty more colours and length options to choose from though.

So if you're looking for a nice dress to wear and you're not having much luck, I would definitely recommend checking out the Aviva Dress website. I also just thought I would mention that they currently have an offer of over 85% off prom dresses and free shipping on orders over £199. So it's definitely worth taking a quick peek!*

Sunday, 19 October 2014


I always hear so much positive stuff about the Real Techniques brushes. Since I desperately needed some new ones, I made a little purchase. I just bought the core collection so I could get an idea of what the main essential brushes are like.

The set includes a small detailer brush which can be used to apply concealer. I find this really useful as I unfortunately get quite a lot of spots.. :( This brush is really good for covering up larger spots and blemishes which can be tricky to hide.

The set also includes a pointed foundation brush which helps to build up foundation coverage. I like this brush, however I think it would be better if it was a little bigger. It's okay if you're not applying foundation to all of your face, but if you're applying a full face of foundation, it's not really big enough. Because of this, I found using a combination of this brush and the buffing brush works well for applying foundation. The buffing brush is supposed to be used to set foundation with powder, however I just use this for foundation as my incredibly dry skin makes any kind of powder foundation a big no no!

My favourite brush in the set is the contour brush. I mean who doesn't love a good contour?! The contour brush helps to create definition with bronzer or blusher. I found this brush was the perfect size for creating a good line to emphasise your cheek bones

The brushes also come with a carry case which can be used as a stand too. Always handy!

The brushes are all super soft, and I haven't yet come across any fall-out. This set would definitely be perfect for someone new to make up as it includes all the must have brushes any beginner would need.

Have you tried any of the Real Techniques brushes?

Thursday, 16 October 2014


I think everyone needs a simple pair of black flats. They go with every outfit and are super comfortable (as long as you find the right pair of course!). After wasting my money on a few cheap pairs that seemed to fall apart after a few wears, I decided to invest in some from Topshop.

Topshop always seem to have shoes that are a bit different to the rest on the high street, and they always seem to last a long time. I spotted these slipper style shoes and thought these were so cute, and a bit quirky with the cut out detailing. They were £28 which isn't cheap, but also isn't ridiculously expensive for a pair of shoes that will go with pretty much everything.

What's your go-to shoe?

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I bought my first romper the other day. I'm not exactly sure what makes a romper different to a playsuit?!.. but I love it anyway! I've just realised that everything I buy at the moment seems to have some kind of flower print on it. It must just be my new thing! Because the weather is pretty chilly now, I layered the romper with a black long sleeved top, and some of my super thick tights from Primark. Seriously.. they are the thickest tights I've ever worn. What I love about this romper is that it can be dressed up or down. Since I'm just having a chilled day, I dressed it down with some casual black flats.

p.s.. hope you like the lil peace out *cringe*

Romper - Topshop
Black top -*
Black flats - Topshop 

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Aside from the chilly and sometimes gloomy weather, I love autumn and the colourful setting it usually brings. The fiery reds and yellows of the leaves on trees and the blueness of the sky are just some of the reasons I love the season.

Of course, along with seasonal changes are the fashion trends. For Autumn, wild colours and retro-inspired looks are in. So in line with that, I picked three of the biggest colours this season.


It’s kind of complex neutral colour that should be in your wardrobe this season. It represents the futuristic stainless steel shade, which is also making a hit in the runway. While bright colors are always fun, I never forget to give space for something neutral to my closet because they go with everything.


This shade of red is very sophisticated and eye-catching, which is perfect if you need to add some vitality and spark to your outfit on any given gloomy day. So this season, consider adding this red oversized cardigan to your collection. Just the thought of wearing it makes me fashionable already. How much more when I'm actually wearing it?

Royal Blue

This color is evocative and dignified. It also adds more complexity and excitement to any garment compared to other shades.  Just like this V-neckline sweater, its colour is perfectly aligned with the present season colours. That's why I love matching this outfit with a pair of black leggings and ankle boots. I think it looks simply gorgeous!

And that's about it! So which colour trend is your favourite?