Sunday, 5 October 2014


I've never had particularly yellow teeth, but having that Simon Cowell Hollywood smile has always appealed to me! Since getting my braces off, I decided to purchase some of the Crest 3D white strips as i've heard people speak quite highly of them.

In each pack you get two strips. One longer one for your top teeth, and a shorter one for your bottom teeth. You literally just pull each strip off the plastic they come on, and stick them gel side down onto your teeth. This part was much easier than I thought it would be.

When I put the first one on, it didn't hurt, but I just experienced a strange, kind of spicy feeling (it's hard to explain). You're meant to wear the strips for 30 minutes each day which I followed exactly. I didn't want to risk doing a Ross off Friends! (Avid Friends watchers will understand!). So I did this for five days and it was fine, although I hadn't noticed any change in the shade of my teeth at all.. kind of disappointing!

By the sixth day, my gums started to feel SO sore and painful. Honestly, I even found it hard to sleep because it hurt so much. I decided to skip a day of wearing the strips as that's what they recommend on the Crest website. The next day, my gums didn't hurt quite as much (still a fair amount though), so I decided to apply a set of strips. BIG mistake. As soon as I put the strips on, my gums just started feeling super sore and painful again. Of course, I removed them straight away as I just couldn't handle the intense pain. Anything that hurts that much, can't be doing any good! So yes.. I decided that stopping using them was probably the most sensible idea.

I'm so disappointed because so many people seem to have had a really good experience with crest white strips. Maybe my teeth are just super sensitive or something?! I haven't included any before and after pictures of my teeth because they just didn't seem to look remotely any different. Sucks!

Have any of you used Crest 3D white strips?