Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Aside from the chilly and sometimes gloomy weather, I love autumn and the colourful setting it usually brings. The fiery reds and yellows of the leaves on trees and the blueness of the sky are just some of the reasons I love the season.

Of course, along with seasonal changes are the fashion trends. For Autumn, wild colours and retro-inspired looks are in. So in line with that, I picked three of the biggest colours this season.


It’s kind of complex neutral colour that should be in your wardrobe this season. It represents the futuristic stainless steel shade, which is also making a hit in the runway. While bright colors are always fun, I never forget to give space for something neutral to my closet because they go with everything.


This shade of red is very sophisticated and eye-catching, which is perfect if you need to add some vitality and spark to your outfit on any given gloomy day. So this season, consider adding this red oversized cardigan to your collection. Just the thought of wearing it makes me fashionable already. How much more when I'm actually wearing it?

Royal Blue

This color is evocative and dignified. It also adds more complexity and excitement to any garment compared to other shades.  Just like this V-neckline sweater, its colour is perfectly aligned with the present season colours. That's why I love matching this outfit with a pair of black leggings and ankle boots. I think it looks simply gorgeous!

And that's about it! So which colour trend is your favourite?