Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I don't know about you but when it comes to shopping for girls for Christmas I find it somewhat easy. I mean there's so many things that girls like.. clothes, bags, make up, shoes, accessories, bath goodies etc. The list is endless! Then it comes to shopping for boys and my mind usually goes blank.

Rather than going for the good old (but kind of boring) pair of socks, a gift for men that I think you can never really go wrong with is a nice mens fragrance set. Even if you don't know what fragrances they like, as long as you pick a well known brand it will probably be fine.. men definitely aren't as fussy as women when it comes to fragrances! 

For my brother this year, I'm going to give him the Calvin Klein Eternity set*. It comes with the fragrance and the matching shower shower gel all in a nice box. I got mine from The House Of Fraser here. They have lots of other nice mens gift sets too, so it's worth a look if you're stuck on what to buy! My brother is always dowsing himself with perfume so I'm pretty sure he'll like it. Plus it saves me from the 'what if he doesn't like it?!' worry that you get when you buy risky presents. Risky presents are always fun too though!

Of course I still have more mens presents to buy. So I created a little list of other good gift ideas;
- A subscription to his favourite magazine
- A watch
- A belt
- Tickets to see his favourite band/singer/comedian
- A recipe book (if he's into cooking)
- Self stirring mug/USB coffee mug warmer (If they like coffee/tea)
- A game for whatever games console he has (If he has one)
- And of course, some cool socks ;)
- Posters
- A canvas picture
- American candy
- His favourite TV series box set

What Christmas presents are you buying for the men in your life this year?