Friday, 7 November 2014


Recently, I received a 15ml tester of the Elizabeth Arden cream which I was quite excited about. To be honest, I wouldn't normally spend £26 on a skin care product (unless I new for sure it was going to be amazing). There's a lot of hype around this product, so I was eager to test it out!

This product has a variety of things it can be used for, which is pretty good since it's so expensive. I possibly have the driest skin known to man (seriously it's awful), so I've mainly been using it for that. I like to apply a tiny amount to any dry patches on my skin, and I find it does help to hydrate the skin. The only drawback is that I find the formulation slightly too thick, so it can seem a bit greasy and cake-y on the skin if you accidentally use too much.

The great thing about this product is that a little goes a very long way. Even though the 15ml tube is small, it's lasted for ages! You literally only need to apply a tiny pea sized amount to any dry areas of skin. The product itself isn't actually a cream, as the name implies. It's more of a gel. The scent of the product is quite medicinal, which may not to be to everyones liking. I'm not keen on the scent, but when something smells medicinal, I always get the feeling that it's going to work better. Anyone with me? Anyway, 

I also love to use this on my lips as a lip balm. The cold winter weather makes my lips get super chapped and dry. I find it instantly moisturises my lips, as well as adding a lovely glossy shine. Eight hour cream can also be used to tame your eyebrows, moisten hands (although it might be a bit greasy), add a glisten to cheek bones and eye lids, and to condition cuticles. The list goes on!

Overall, I'd probably say the product is great for dry skin, but is possibly a bit overpriced considering the amount of cheaper alternatives on the high street. However, it is incredibly versatile, and a tube lasts for what seems like forever, so you could argue that it's worth the price?

Do any of you use Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream?