Sunday, 16 November 2014


You may have read the title of this and though what on earth is Rachel talking about? Well anyway, I thought I would make a post about how I'm 'going to University' without actually having to go. 

For some people, University life really appeals and I understand that. But for others (including myself), Uni life just isn't my cup of tea. I did a post before on changing my mind about actually going to University. You can read that here.

The problem is that some people (including myself again!), still want to do a degree. It really annoys me how they didn't actually mention this at all during my time at Sixth Form, but various Universities allows you to study for a degree online from home. I'm currently studying BA (Hons) Business and Marketing at the University of Essex Online and I'm really enjoying it. 

Of course there are always going to be pro's and con's...


- Flexible so I can choose when I want to study and fit it round my life

- You're able to work full time at the same time (I know you can still work when you're at Uni, but it's just more difficult to fit it round lectures and you won't be able to work full time 

- You can get relevant work experience/an internship at the same time (I'm looking into getting some digital marketing experience at the moment)

- I'm still living at home so I currently have no accommodation/food expenses.. I can still buy clothes and make up!.. and I still get to eat nice food at the same time ;) (I'm not a pot noodle fan!)

- Distance learning is cheaper than your typical degree which means less debt

- I get to keep my own lovely bedroom and still have home comforts e.g. baths, washing machine, rather than living in a tiny box room in halls

- I'm not tied down to one place. I could move anywhere in the world and I would still be able to study (as long as I had internet connection of course).


- Studying from home is a lot less sociable. I could easily just end up sat in a room on my own all day!

- May miss out on exciting opportunities such as trips related to your course

- There may be more job opportunities in cities near Universities

- You don't get to experience living in a city (this point and the point above this are irrelevant if you already live in a city)

- You don't get to experience 'student life' (I know for some, this is important!)

- You don't get as much freedom when you're living away from home and having to do everything for yourself

For me the pro's of distance learning outweigh the con's by a mile! For others, the idea of experiencing 'student life' may be your main priority. I hope this post is helpful for anyone at sixth form/college looking at what options they're able to do next, or maybe even someone who is already working full time but would like the chance to get a degree and progress further in their career.