Saturday, 22 November 2014


Let me introduce you to the new #LIPHUG lipsticks at £2.50 each. I have been using the #LIPHUG lipstick in the shade 'Keeps The Planet Spinning'*.. I always like it when products have a nice name. It just sort of adds to it.

The colour is super vibrant and a little does actually go a long way. It is long lasting as I find that even when I tried to remove the lipstick it was quite difficult to actually completely remove the colour.

Now for the negatives. As you can probably see from the picture, the actual lipstick pen thingy isn't like your regular lipsticks. The tip of it is flat and circular making it quite tricky to apply. I had quite a struggle to be honest! Another thing is that from the picture on the website and on the outside of the lipstick, it looks like the 'Keep The Planet Spinning' shade is quite plum. In reality it's more of a slightly berry toned pink. It's a tad misleading, so maybe be careful if you're wanting to buy quite a specific shade.

Have any of you tried the #LIPHUG lipsticks?