Sunday, 9 November 2014


I'm loving wearing all different shades of lipstick at the moment. Miss Sporty recently released their new range of liquid lipsticks (Liquid Lipstick Millionaire*) and I've been trying out all the shades in the range. I love the idea of a liquid lipstick because regular matte lipsticks can sometimes go quite dry and gammy. Liquid lipsticks are great because they add solid colour, as well as a glossy finish.

The shades I'm wearing in the photo's go in this order; Violet Cash, Full Peach, Royal Plum, Starlight Pink, Fuchsia Crush, Pink Flush. All the colours are super super vibrant and pigmented. Something I wasn't actually expecting from an inexpensive brand like Miss Sporty. Yes, they do need to be topped up fairly often to keep up the solid colour, but to be honest, I find that's the case with all glossy lip products! Since I'm always a fan of products that smell nice, I thought I would just mention that the glosses have a faint fruity smell, but it's not over powering and sickly.

Have any of you tried these liquid lipsticks?