Saturday, 8 November 2014


My hair is so annoying. One second it looks okay..usually when I'm staying in and no-ones going to see it. And the next minute it looks so limp and lifeless.. basically every time I leave the house. Other people have this problem too right?

Because of my lacking in life hair, I'm always on the hunt for new volumising products to try. My latest volumising product use has been the Pantene volume and body hairspray & mousse.

So did they work..? Okay, so first I tried the mousse. On the back of the mousse sprayer (I don't know what they're called!) it says to spray some of the mousse into your hand and then smooth it into towel dried hair. I work a good amount into my hair and then blow dry as normal. To be honest, it doesn't make a HUGE difference, but it does make my hair that slightly 'bigger' than it normally would be before styling. It also smelt quite nice! The only down side was that it leaves a slightly sticky feeling in my hair. Maybe I just use a bit too much?

The definite winner out of the two products is the hair spray. Probably my favourite hair spray that I've ever used! It's a much lighter consistency than regular hairspray, so you don't get that awful crispiness (unless you were to put LOADS on). It still holds my hair in the style that I want it to, it just needs to be applied a bit more often. I don't mind that if it means no crispiness though!. On top of that, it adds/holds volume in your hair at the same time. Sort of like what dry shampoo does. So it's basically like two products in one. Brilliant!

Have ay of your tried the Pantene Volume & Body products?