Thursday, 4 December 2014


I was lucky enough to get to try out a letterbox cake In case you don't know, Baker Days are a company that make amazing personalised cakes. You can have pretty much whatever you want on your cake.. your own photo's, personalised messages, celebrities, jokes.. there's just so much to choose from! You also get to choose what type of cake you want - vanilla, chocolate, vanilla & chocolate, fruit, gluten free, dairy free.

Of course I had to choose a cake with Harry Styles on it!.. and how cool is the little personalised message?! (I like to imagine Harry sent the cake to me ;)) I also went for a chocolate sponge. When the cake arrived I was so impressed with the packaging. The cake came in a cute little tin which I love because it's something you can keep afterwards. It also came with a little pack of balloons and candles. Perfect if you've bought a cake for a birthday!

I would also just like to add that the cake tastes amazing. The icing is super sweet and vanilla tasting and the chocolate sponge was rich and not at all dry. The cakes do last for 14 days so if you wanted to buy one for someone a few days in advance then it's absolutely fine! You can also choose from a few different sizes of cake. I got the letterbox cake which serves about 2/3 but you can get bigger ones or even just an individual cupcake.

I really loved my cake and I think something like this would make a great little gift for someone on a special occasion or just as a random cute gesture!

Have any of you tried a cake from Baker Days?