Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Yes I am doing a blog post about tea towels. But they are super pretty so it's aloud! I was lucky enough to win these in a competition.. don't you just love a competition! They are from the brand Hey Holla (everytime I hear this I just wanna HOLLAAAA) which have lots of cute, modern and pastel coloured things. Tote bags, aprons, accessories. All things that would make lovely gifts! You should definitely take a look at the website if you're into that kinda thing.

I love the motifs on each tea towel.. even though I actually hate wine! (although I hope I do one day because I always think it looks super sophist when people drink it. LOL). I feel like the 'It's never too early for champers darling' motif is something that Mark Francis from Made In Chelsea would say. Fellow MIC fans will get me.

These tea towels won't really be much use to me now but one day when I move out, I plan on my kitchen being white with everything pretty pastel colours. Aww I wish I had my own place to decorate now! Preferably in London.