Tuesday, 30 December 2014


I can't be the only one who thinks that fresh new pyjama's are among some of the best things in life? It's the little things!

If you have already seen my 'What I Got For Christmas' video, you will have seen that I was lucky enough to get some cute new pyjama's from Next for Christmas. The set comes with a pastel pink furry jumper (and it's that fur that is SUPER soft) and pastel tartan trousers. I am actually sat wearing them as I am typing at this very moment. I must add that I've probably never felt so comfortable while blogging before. 

The jumper is just the most comfy and cosy thing ever. Just so perfect for Winter in England. The trousers are also super comfy and spacious. I admit I can't actually sleep wearing the jumper as it gets way too hot but since I'm someone who tends to lounge around in my pj's all day (I do this way too much).. well it's perfect for that!

Did any of you get pyjamas for Christmas this year?