Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I am literally always on the hunt for the perfect volume shampoo & conditioner that will give my lifeless hair a bit of an oomph! My most recent try outs have been the Schwarzkopf (had to check the bottle to spell that right!) Biotin + Volume shampoo and conditioner. They were on offer for around £2.50 each from Tesco so I couldn't not!

Considering how cheap these were I was pretty impressed. You know how normally when you've got freshly washed hair it's all poofy and too soft to do anything with? Well after using these I found that my hair still had quite a bit of texture making it so much easier to style and add volume to with other voluminising products! I also noticed that it adds so much body to the end part of my hair which usually looks quite limp (oh the struggles of long hair) and left my hair so soft I couldn't stop running my fingers through it.

Out of all the volume shampoo & conditioners I've used this is probably one of the best. I definitely think it's better than the Elvive Fibrology which is surprising since it's cheaper!

What's your favourite volume shampoo/conditioner?