Friday, 16 January 2015


Another product from The Body Shop Aloe range! As I mention time and time again, my skin is super dry so this soothing day cream has been working amazingly. I start by putting on some of the Aloe soothing gel as soon as I wake up. Then once that has sunk in, I apply the day cream. After doing this for a few weeks or so.. not going to lie, but my skin has never felt so soft and smooth! I used to get lots of little pimple spots on my fore-head which seem to have reduced so much too. I mean I don't know if that's anything to do with using these products but it certainly seems that is the case!

The cream doesn't have a scent which I'm liking as it doesn't feel like you're putting anything chemical-y on your face. It just seems more natural. I'm normally so bad at getting into the routine of using skin care products but this has been working so well that I've really been trying to keep it up! My skin still is far from flawless *dreams* but I've definitely seen a difference.

Have any of you tried anything from The Body Shop Aloe range?