Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I'm definitely no skin care expert but I always find that The Body shop have the most amazing products for improving my dry skin. I was lucky enough to recently win a competition where I got a few of The Body Shop products from the Aloe range! Eeeek. It was the perfect prize for me!

The first product I've been trying is the Aloe soothing gel. I've never used a facial gel before but I've been LOVING how hydrating it is. I've been applying some to my face first thing every morning and oh my, my face has never felt so smooth. Once I apply it, I let it sink in for a while before applying any makeup. I've genuinely noticed a difference in my skin. It creates such a smooth hydrated base for my makeup and I've noticed that i've been getting less of those big painful blemishes that I usually always get.

The only down side..(well not exactly a 'down' side) is the fact that it doesn't really have a scent other than a slight chemical/alcohol-y smell. I'm a fan of products that smell good normally so it let me down in that category, but to be honest that does give me the impression that it's more of a 'serious' product that is really going to work and make a difference to my skin (which it does).

Have any of you tried this product?