Wednesday, 28 January 2015


The Topshop nails range is one one my favourites nail polish ranges. I don't know what it is, they just always seem to have the most gorgeous range of colours. When it comes to nails I'm normally a pastel kinda girl, but I spotted this gorgeous dark purple/plum shade and couldn't not buy. I have no idea why the shade is called 'Middle Child' but I have to say, I do always like it when products have a name (don't ask me why - I just do). 

I know this shade is very Winter and we are now coming to the end of Winter, but I've never really been one to stick to seasons when it comes to colours anyway.. I mean I pretty much only wear monochrome for a start!

I find that I only need one coat of this for the colour to look as it does in the bottle. The only down side I could say about Topshop nail polishes is that they do chip quite easily. They're good for just a one day/evening nail look, but not so much for long term wearability!

Do you have any Topshop nail polishes?