Thursday, 12 March 2015


One of the the colour trends that has been in for a while now is rose gold. I absolutely love rose gold and it's definitely my fave compared with regular gold and silver. The gold-ness makes it classy, but then the pink tone gives it that girly vibe which I'm all about!

I think one of my main 'heart eyes, need this in my life' things at the moment is the limited edition rose gold GHD hair straighteners. They are beautiful! Plus I've had my current GHD's for around 8 years (crazy I know) so I think I'm due a new set! 

I love the smaller accessories like earrings and bracelets as they kind of just add that pop of rose gold which goes perfectly with monochrome. A chunky rose gold watch and monochrome are a match made in heaven too. 

Lastly, not fashion related but rose gold and copper homeware is becoming a big deal. I think I first cottoned onto it when Zoella did a homeware haul and most of it had some kind of copper thing going on. I think it's such a perfect colour for homeware as it adds that cosy, shabby chic kind of look.