Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Since starting my own blog, I have received the occasional message from people saying that they're thinking of starting a blog but they're a bit scared. Or that they want to start a blog but they're not really sure how it works/how to do it. I thought I would put together a little post that I could refer people to if they need a bit of help/advice on the whole blogging thing!

My first bit of advice would be that if you want to start a blog but you're a bit worried/not sure, you should definitely just GO FOR IT. You honestly have nothing to lose. You could make it, realise it's not your thing and delete it. OR you might discover a hobby that you love and that you want to invest a lot of your time into. 

What if people I know find out?
Some people get quite worried about people they know finding it and what they might think. This is completely understandable as you never know how people are going to react or if they're going to think it's a bit odd. If this is what's holding you back, maybe just start out with your blog being anonymous. Don't display your name anywhere and only include photos that don't give your identity away e.g. outfit posts only including pictures of the actual outfit rather than your face. Over time you may get more confident with it and feel for uncomfortable with sharing your name and pictures of yourself.

But how do I actually start a blog?
Creating a blog is super easy. You can either make it on which is what I did, or you can use WordPress which a lot of other bloggers use too. You should spend a bit of time thinking about what you want your blog name to be. After all, it might be something that you are using for years so make sure it's quite simple, catchy and something you won't grow out of. 

how do I design my blog?
Designing your blog and your layout is where it gets a bit tricker. When I first started blogging I just opted for a free layout and then created a banner on paint. At the time I thought it was so good but looking back it was terrible! I'm so so bad at technical and html stuff! After I really got into blogging I decided to buy a template from for around £15. There are SO many pretty ones to choose from and it's an easy way of making your blog look professional without you having to do any of the complicated stuff.

How do I get followers?
I know the number of followers you have really shouldn't matter as blogging is just a fun hobby (for most). I still think that it's great when you start building a following as you start to get more interaction and maybe even make a few blogging friends. Making sure that your blog is on Bloglovin' is important as this is what most people use to follow other blogs and to catch up on latest posts. To be honest I didn't really understand bloglovin' at first and found it all a bit confusing. You'll suss it out quickly though! Once you've done this, start reading lots of other blogs and when you leave comments make sure you leave your blog link so people can find your blog easily (You'll also gain lots of inspo from reading others too). Interaction is key! Also make sure you utilise social media as much as possible as it is fundamentally free advertising! Put your blog link in your Instagram and Twitter bio and tweet about your latest posts with hashtags: #FBloggers #BBloggers #LBloggers.

I really hope this was helpful for anyone thinking of starting a blog. Make sure you leave your blog links below so I can check them out - I always love finding new blogs to read!