Friday, 13 March 2015


So the other day I was just catching up on some blogs (as usual) and I came across a post on the blog - All That Shimmers about the stuff she uses for blogging. One of them was her white Ikea Lack table which was only £5. Yes ONLY £5! I've been on the hunt for a white table to help me improve my blog photo's for ages but I only managed to find ones that were super expensive. Why had I not come across Ikea Lack tables before?! I mean is this a thing that every blogger already knew about?!

So obviously I had to make a purchase. Unfortunately I don't live near an Ikea which meant I had to order it online. The postage actually cost more than the table (£9 - meh) but still.. £14 for a decent size white table is not bad at all!

I've been taking lots of photos on it and they are coming out SO much better than my usual photos. I mean I'm still not good at photography at all (something I reeeeally want to improve on - any photography tips would be much appreciated!) but the perfect white background really makes an amazing difference.

Do any of you have an Ikea Lack table?