Sunday, 12 April 2015

American Candy

As you can see, I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing box of American Candy from Taffy Mail! Taffy Mail is the UK's only American sweets subscription service that you can sign up with and get American Candy delivered to your door every month. I love the concept of this because I can never choose when it comes to this kind of thing (everything just looks too good!). It's handy when you can get a random selection of tasty things to try! They offer three different boxes ranging from £7.49 to £24.99 depending on the amount and type of candy/treats you want. I was sent the medium box which contained such a nice range of treats. I thought I would let you know what I thought of each!

Reese's Crispy Crunchy | One thing that I love about American candy is that they have so much peanut butter stuff. I just LOVE peanut butter and this was uh-maazing. Basically a chocolate bar with peanuts, crispy bits, and salted peanut butter. YUM.

Pretzel M&M's |These are probably one of my favourite variations of M&M that I have tried (along with the pb and crispy ones). I'm a fan of mixing salty and sweet so loved the combination of the salted pretzel and sweet chocolate.

Baby Ruth | Another peanut butter chocolate bar and as you may be able to tell from the picture, it was HUGE! Thoroughly enjoyed this!

Charleston Chew | I had never heard of this before but it's basically just marshmallowy nougat coated in milk chocolate. Quite a nice treat!

Starburst Fruit Flavour Candy Corn | I'm really not sure how to describe these because I have never had any sweets with the same texture. Maybe just very slightly like a jelly baby but not as much jelly..ish? The fruit flavours were nice but I really wasn't overly keen on these. I still ended up eating the full pack though!

Milk Duds | Despite the rather strange name, these are basically like a more oddly shaped toffee poppet/ Quality Street toffee penny. A chewy toffee centre surrounded by milk chocolate. They're very chewy and moreish!

Jaw Busters | These were pretty much the same as English jaw breakers. Just very sweet without a specific flavour other than general sweetness. I'm wasn't a huge fan of these but I would have loved this kind of thing when I was 13 and used to buy jaw breakers before school every morning!

Seriously Strawberry/Cherry Lemonade Nerds |I'm not a huge fan of Nerds since I prefer chewy sweets. The flavours were so nice though!

Cherry Ice Blow Pop | Just your typical cherry flavoured lollipop except it had a bubblegum centre. I love cherry flavoured sweets so this was good! 

Laffy Taffy Mystery Double Flavour Rope | This was SO good and very similar to those maoam sweets that you get (which I really really love).

Gatorade Fruit Punch | I don't normally drink sugary soft drinks but this was an exception as I felt I should try it! It tasted nice but personally I found it a bit too sweet. It's super fruity and refreshing so I could imagine it would be perfect ice cold on a hot day. 


*The box of yummy treats was sent to me for review purposes - all opinions are 100% my own*