Friday, 10 April 2015

Tips for writing an assignment/essay

Since starting my Uni course last October, assignments have started taking up a large proportion of my time. Over time I've improved a lot when it comes to writing assignments and have a much better strategy when it comes to putting them together. Here are a few tips which will hopefully be helpful to some of you!

Start straight away - DON'T LEAVE IT UNTIL LAST MINUTE
No matter how far away your deadline is, I find starting straight away is key. It puts you into the right mind set and means that you're much more likely to get it out the way. The longer you leave starting it, the longer you're going to put it off and the less motivated you will become! There is nothing worse than leaving it to the last day and having to rush through it. Chances are it won't be as good as if you have taken time over it!

Do research into the topic you are writing about and make notes of key information that you could include. Then you will have all the information you need to write it rather than having to stop to do research all the way through the writing process. If you have to use a referencing system (like I do.. Harvard referencing sucks!) then do make sure you note down the website URL you have found any information from so that you can reference it correctly.

Plan - write down headings for each paragraph
I always like to create a very basic plan. I literally just write down a heading for each paragraph that tells me what I'm writing about so I know exactly what I'm writing and in what order.

Set mini targets
Depending on how long you plan on taking over it, you might want to set some mini targets to help you stay on track. I tend to stick to doing the research and planning in one day, writing half of it the next day, and finishing it the day after (for a 2,000 word assignment)

Get someone else to read it
I always get my Mum to read my finished assignments as she's often a lot better at spotting mistakes in my work than I am. Sometimes you just don't spot everything yourself!