Saturday, 23 May 2015

Current Topshop Favourites

After not going on the Topshop website for what has seemed like forever (as I have been trying to save), I decided to have a little browse just to look at the latest stuff. I knew it would be a bad idea because.. oh my goodness, there's just so much I want (need)! I definitely prefer the Summer range to the previous Winter range, which is weird considering I almost always prefer Winter styled clothes. These are a selection of some of the things that I love...

1 | Mot Cutoff Shorts | £33 | I've never owned any shorts in this flared out style. I definitely want some as I think they will be much more flattering than the usual shorts I go for.

2 | Floral Crop Top by C/MEO Collective | £97 | I would never buy a top for that much but I thought it was so pretty..before I saw the price.

3 | Petite Strappy Black Jumpsuit | £39 | I absolutely love this, it would be perfect for a special occasion. Plus it's black so V flattering.

4 | Mini Satchel | £25 | Why do I still not own a cute pastel coloured satchel?

5 | Festival Fringe Cami | £25 | I love the festival look (even though I never want to go to a festival.. except Coachella).

6 | Lace Trim Daisy Shorts | £23 | I love floral designs in Summer and the lace trim is so cute.

7 | Floppy Wool Felt Hat | Definitely dig the whole fedora look. Not so sure if I can pull it off?

8 | Striped Crop Top | £12 | You can never have too many stripes or cami tops in Summer

9 | 5 Years of Beauty Lipstick in Nevada | £8 | I can't be the only one who thinks the Topshop rose gold makeup is beautiful. Plus I really want to try the Nevada shade since it looks like the perfect nude. 

10 | Copenhagen Lace-Up Trainers | £22 | I need some shoes for Summer since my black ankle boots are just not going to cut it. I thought these would be cute and ideal. 

What's your favourite thing I've picked out?