Saturday, 9 May 2015

Essence 'soo glow!' Highlighter

I find highlighting products can be so hit and miss. Some are perfect and add that nice and subtle, glowing look. Some just make your face look overly shiny in the most unflattering way. I've recently been using the Essence 'soo glow!' cream to powder highlighter and have found that it's perfect for adding a really nice, but also natural looking highlight.

It's a cream consistency so it's quite pigmented, but when you apply it, it sort of transforms to a powder which makes it look so much more natural and easier to blend. I think for an everyday makeup look where you just want to add that subtle glow, this is perfect. For an evening out you might want to go for more of a striking highlight that works with the lights better and stands out.

What's your favourite highlighter?

*Gifted item*