Saturday, 20 June 2015

10 Reasons To Start A Blog

Blogging and everything that comes with it is basically my favourite thing ever. 

Here's why...

1. It's a great hobby
I didn't really have a proper hobby before I started blogging but I've finally found something that I enjoy and that I've actually stuck at for a reasonable length of time.

2. It helps to improve skills
Blogging has allowed me to improve on lots of skills and learn new things without even realising e.g. photography, writing, marketing, website design, SEO and just lots of technical stuff that I wouldn't have really been aware of before.

3. It looks good on your CV
Having a blog is something that looks great on your CV (especially for marketing/PR/SEO/Social media jobs) as it demonstrates the skills listed above but also displays your level of dedication and passion. I have come across a lot of bloggers who say that their blog is they have their latest job. Hopefully it will help me when I've finished my degree and am on the job hunt!

4. Making friends
Having a blog allows you to network and come across other likeminded people. I have made a whole bunch of friends since starting this. I would have never found them if it wasn't for my blog!

5. Blogger events
I am yet to actually attend a blogger event and have had to turn a lot down due to difficulty getting to them (not living in London problems).. but I really hope I am able to at some point in the future. Once again, going to events is a great way to socialise, have fun and meet likeminded people.

6. Exciting opportunities
Oh the excitement when a brand you like sends you an email asking you if you want to collaborate with them! Since starting my blog I have had some amazing opportunities and have been able to work with so many different brands such as House of Fraser and Daniel Wellington. 

7. It takes your mind off things
Sometimes when life gets all to much, it's nice to be able to zone out and take some photo's or read through comments.. just to take your mind of the stress of everyday life!

8. It gives you a better excuse to buy makeup/clothes you don't need
Who's with me on this one? You can buy stuff and just be like 'IT'S FOR THE BLOG'. Perfectly acceptable excuse.

9. A platform to share your passion
Sometimes it's difficult to share your passion for something, especially if you don't know anyone who shares your passion! Whether it's beauty, fashion, lifestyle travel etc, a blog gives you a little space on the internet where you can talk about what you love and then network with other people who love it too!

10. The blogging community
I'm aware there is often a bit of shade thrown round the blogging community... buuut on the whole I think it's such a nice little (big) group of people that it's so nice to be a part of.

What's your favourite thing about blogging?