Thursday, 4 June 2015

A (Very) Lengthy Makeup Revolution Review

I have been trying out a LOT of Makeup Revolution products at the moment so I thought I would attempt to be useful and let you know my thoughts. 

Affirmation Palette

The Affirmation palette contains 32 'Ultra Professional Eyeshadows', all of which are nice neutral shades. I never wear any eyeshadow shade that isn't neutral - I just don't think anything colourful suits me at all. 

The range of shades is amazing. Brown tones, grey tones, cream tones and dark shades, perfect for the outer corner and crease. This has pretty much got every shade I could ever need (they also all have cute names which I like a lot). As always, the shadows are nice and pigmented but I still recommend an eye primer just to make the shades even more vibrant and give them more staying power.

Naked Underneath Palette

The first thing that caught my attention about this was the palette itself. The front of it is all furry with a big faux diamond heart. I do like the furry aspect because it's quite quirky but I definitely think it would probably get quite messy if I left it in my makeup bag! 

The eyeshadow shades are a bit different than what I would normally go for. I mean they're not too crazy but I normally go for very neutral shades and this palette has a few green/blue-y tones to it. I have to say, I've been quite enjoying trying out shades that are a bit different. Neutrals will always be my thing though!

Blush, Bronze & Brighten

This palette is so nice! It has three different products - a bronzer, a very shimmery bronzy/highlighter kind of product, and a blush. Lots of pigmentation and easy to create a strong contour with. The shimmery product is so good for adding that highlight and bronzed holiday glow. It's sort of a cross between a bronzer and a highlighter which I think is good because I've never really come across a product like that before. The blush is a nice natural shade. Not overly Barbie pink which I like. Just a subtle pink that adds a nice pop of colour to a pale face!

Protection Palette

The palette is so versatile. It contains three concealers, an anti shine powder, a contour bronzer, a blush and a contour highlighter. Basically everything you could need for your face bar foundation!

First of all can't comment on the anti shine face powder as I already have dry skin so powder is a big no no for my face! The bronzer is amazing! All you need is a tiny swoosh of your contour brush and there's more than enough for each cheek. I also love how the bronzer is not remotely orangy but more of a natural looking brown. Similarly the blush is a very natural peachy pink shade and is almost as pigmented.  

The highlight powder is less pigmented but I think that's probably a good thing for me as I can go a bit overboard with my highlight! 

When it comes to the concealers, I have only used the lightest one as I have super pale skin. I haven't used the concealer very much as my skin has actually been on my side at the moment..touch wood. The few blemishes that I've used it to cover it has worked really well though. It completely covers them and really doesn't budge all day if you combine with a good primer.

Blush in 'Wow'

The freezing cold winter in England means that my skin is always super pale and I can sometimes look completely washed out. A bit of blush is always needed just to add a pop of colour. This shade is perfect because it adds a nice sheer glow at the same time as brightening up my complexion. When I first used this I didn't realise how little you actually need. The blush is SO pigmented and so a little definitely goes a long way. There's nothing worse than over done blusher really is there?! 

Iconic 2 Palette

The shades are all nice and pigmented. I always use the Makeup Revolution eye primer before applying these shadows which I find makes the colour so vibrant and it really does last all day. I'm not quite sure how well it would last without the primer though?
 It's also not too big so you can easily take it with you if you're going travelling, and the range of 12 shades gives you lots of options. You can create a dramatic dark look or just go natural using the paler shades. 

The One Blush Stick

I've been trying out 'The ONE Blush Stick'* in the shade 'Dream' by Makeup Revolution. I also got mine in the matte version but you can get the none matte version depending on what finish you prefer. It says on the back you can either use them on their own or you can blend them with water for a more sheer effect (I prefer doing this as it looks more natural).

As you can see a little from the picture you get quite a lot of the product in each stick. And since you only need a tiny bit at a time, the product won't be running out any time soon! I love the finish of the blush and the shade 'Dream' is a lovely pale pink so just adds a little pop of rosiness without looking too much/unnatural. I definitely fancy trying a few more different shades out!

Iconic Dreams Palette

This palette is great as all the shades are neutral and so wearable (except for the green-y one which I find a bit to green for me - it would look great on people with green eyes though!). I love the mix of shimmer and non-shimmer shades and they're all super pigmented so it's easy to build up a bold look. I would say this palette is great for a beginner or someone like me who is just getting into wearing eyeshadow a lot. 

And that's everything. Overall I've been impressed with the quality and am definitely on board with the whole blogger Makeup Revolution hype. 

Have you used any MR products?

* Gifted Item *