Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Celeb Look Playsuit

Outfit posts are back!.. well I say 'outfit posts' but this is literally just a black playsuit. Not exactly a full outfit, but I like it! I thought I would share it with you. 

Since the weather is finally getting a bit warmer * touch wood * it's now actually possible to wear strappy playsuits without having to layer up with a long sleeve top underneath or a jumper on top. It also means it's a whole lot nicer to go outside and take outfit pictures (..partly why it's been so long since I've outfit posted).

The playsuit is from Celeb Look and I think it's a really simple but nice piece. As I always say, I love playsuits since they're just so easy to throw on and they look a bit more dressed up than the standard jeans and a tee. The playsuit has lace trim which I think is really pretty and I love the ruched style of it. I swear it makes it seem a lot more flattering?

Lace Detail Strappy Playsuit | Celeb Look | £14

*Gifted Item*