Saturday, 13 June 2015

IWOOT Mason Jars

I swear drinking out of a mason jar makes any drink (especially water) seem about ten times more fun to drink...just me? 

Anywaaaay, I got my hands on a pack of four mason jar drinking glasses from I Want One Of Those (IWOOT). I've wanted some mason jar glasses for a while as I think they're perfect for smoothies and milkshakes. I've also been trying to drink more water recently so these are definitely great for that. I think it looks so nice if you add chopped fruit, ice and colourful straws as well. Not that it makes a huge difference but hey, life's too short to not drink pretty drinks. 

If you've never heard of IWOOT then it's basically a website that sell unique gifts, cool gadgets and home stuff - all at very inexpensive prices. I really like this website for when I'm struggling to think of birthday present ideas. With fathers day coming up, they have a great range of gift ideas so you should definitely check the website out if you're still not sure what to get your Dad this year! Why are Dad's so difficult to shop for?!

What are you getting your Dad for Fathers Day this year?

*Gifted Item*