Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sekonda Ladies Temptations Watch

By now you will probably be aware of my love for rose gold. Well who doesn't have a thing for rose gold these days?! In light of my rose gold obsession, I was able to get my hands on a Sekonda ladies temptations, rose gold, two plated, bracelet watch (what a mouthful) from House Of Watches. It actually features a lot of silver as well.. which I love! I'm really loving the whole mixing metals thing when it comes to watches and jewellery. 

The watch is big enough to be quite statement, yet not so big and bling that it looks OTT and can't be worn with certain things. Because It's so pretty, I think it adds such a nice touch and accessory to my usual quite plain outfits. The diamond detailing isn't normally something I would like, but I actually think it works with this and doesn't look tacky like it can do with similar pieces. 

As already mentioned, the watch was from House Of Watches (£42.00 - down from £49.99) which is a great online shop that sell a huge range of designer watches for really great prices. From Gucci to Marc Jacobs to Sekonda (obviously). 

Do you go for high end designer for watches or stick to the cheaper kinds?.. or do you not wear a watch at all? - I try and wear one all the time but quite often I take it off to have a shower and then end up forgetting to put it back on..!

*Gifted item*