Monday, 13 July 2015

Current Clothes Trends // Wish List

I have quite a list of clothes items and accessories (and just stuff in general) that I want at the moment. Well I pretty much always do but now I really feel a Topshop order is needed. Don't we all?

I know everyone and their Mum and their Grandmother seems to have an A-Line denim skirt with buttons down the front.. but I think they look so nice and flattering. A-Line skirts are probably my favourite style of skirt. Another thing that seems to be quite popular in the blogger world right now are dungarees. I'm not mega keen on the blue ones but I absolutely love the look of black ones and am itching to buy some. 

Cat eye sunglasses are also something that I think is very much needed in my life at this moment in time. I feel like Shay Mitchell really fuelled the cat eye sunglasses trend with her amazing quay Australia range. Being someone that would probably end up losing an expensive pair of sunglasses, I think a cheaper Topshop option would be the best idea. Asos also have so many gorgeous (and inexpensive) cat eye sunglasses. .. Look at my saved list..

After using the same black bag for around a year-ish now, I want to invest in some new bags that are a bit more expensive and look nicer. I mean bags get used all the time so I think it's worth spending a little more. I love back packs (although they probably make me look about 5) and the current Topshop ones are so cute. I really like the baby blue one but I think black would probably make a lot more sense considering what I wear. 

And last of all, I've been lusting over some floral pieces because Summer is the time to embrace some floral-ness!

What's on your clothes wish list right now?