Monday, 3 August 2015

I'm Going To London

So today is the day I am hopping on a train all the way to London.. eek! (I actually will have arrived by now!) But why?? Well I am going in collaboration with Unite Students who are holding a three-day event called ‘The London Student Experience’. The aim of the project is to organise and take part in a range of activities that can be completed throughout all hours in London and then put together a ’24 hour Student guide’ to the city. I am going to be completing this along with 11 other bloggers/vloggers who have all been chosen to take part. I’m really really excited to meet everyone! This will be a great opportunity to to expand on my skills in marketing (the field I aim to work within) as well as, photography and creating a guide that will be released later on in the year.

During the event, we will be staying at Unite’s Stratford ONE which looks soo modern and swish (let's hope the pictures are a true reflection anyway). Tomorrow we will be organising our groups and planning our itinerary  The challenge will then begin on Wednesday morning at 4am (YES 4AM). Throughout the day we will be keeping track and documenting the places we visit * queue lots of food instagram posts *. There are also plans already in place to visit the Sky Garden and the Tate Modern. I loved the tate modern when I visited last year so I’m really looking forward to that.

On Thursday we will present our guides to the rest of the group and have a mini awards ceremony. Then I shall be hopping back on the train home! * sigh *. Following this, I will obviously post all about what we did and how I got on. If you want to keep up to date with me along the trip, just follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I’ll be updating lots (especially since 3G is EVRYWHERE in London). 

I know I mentioned this already in a previous post, but I can’t quite believe my little space on the Internet has allowed me to be given the opportunity to take part in such an exciting event. It’s really not every day that you’re offered an all expenses paid trip! In all honesty, I have been feeling quite nervous about the trip as I’m not the most confident person.. but I thought to myself this is an opportunity I simply can't turn down! I’m excited to have some fun and meet some likeminded people in one of my favourite places, LONDON! Eeeek!

* The event is sponsored by Unite Students, however all views are completely my own! *