Saturday, 15 August 2015

MTV X Ampfly Phone Case

You know those times when you're playing music from your phone but it's just not quite loud enough? (this problem usually arises when I'm in the shower)... WELL MTV have recently released the MTV X Ampfly iPhone cases which will solve all of your quiet music problems! The case is designed specially to amplify the sound of your music so it's actually 3 X louder than it usually would be without the case. It's got to be loud music or no music, wouldn't you agree? 

The cases come in different colours and I opted for white just because it goes with everything. I also had it personalised with the words 'Coffee Queen' down the sides.. because, well, coffee. The case is pretty bulky so I don't use it all the time (A naked iPhone is a beautiful thing after all..) but it's so useful for keeping your phone completely protected when you're on the go. It's super sturdy!

* The MTV phone case was gifted however all opinions are completely my own *