Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Product You Need For Naturally Tanned & Glowing Skin

I'm really not a fan of fake tan. It's just the biscuit smell, the fact it always goes streaky (when I do it anyway) and not to mention the unnatural shade of orange they all seem to make my skin go. I have seen people that have gone for professional spray tans which have actually come out natural looking.. the only problem is that proper spray tans are quite expensive and if you don't live near a place that does them (like me) it's quite an effort to get them done regularly. 

My skin is naturally very pale and I get dry skin which is just really not a good combination at all. I can even look quite ill when I'm not wearing any makeup! I decided to try out a gradual tanning product just to see if they actually work. I had never used a gradual tanner before and I kind of assumed that they wouldn't really do anything and that it would just vaguely help to moisturise my skin a bit.. I WAS SO WRONG THOUGH!

I went for the Dove Summer Glow as I thought it would help with my dry skin even if it didn't really make a difference tan-wise. Within just a few days of applying it I have started to see a noticeable difference in how tanned I looked - specifically my face as I just look healthier. There are no streaks at all and it really does look natural - no orange-ness in sight! Oh and yes.. it actually smells good!! 

I'm now quite puzzled as to why people use fake tan over gradual tanners? I mean yes, regular fake tan is much more of a quick fix.. but I would much rather use gradual tanner each day if it means a more natural looking and streak free tan. 

p.s this product was literally £1.29 from Boots. SUCH A BARGAIN!

What tanning products do you use?