Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hair Radiance | Do Supplements Actually Work?

I'm always on the hunt for hair products to help improve the condition of my hair so when I was contacted and asked if I would be interested in trying out some Hair Radiance supplements, I was quick to say yes! The product has been featured in Marie Claire and Closer magazine and has had some very good reviews. 

Hair Radiance is a natural vitamin complex formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Hair Radiance works form the inside out, giving your hair the nutrients it needs to look its healthiest. Contains scientifically formulated FollicleMax marine complex to encourage healthy hair growth.

Hair Radiance promises..
  • To grow stronger, longer hair
  • To improve hair elasticity
  • It is completely drug free and suitable for all hair types
  • For nourished hair
  • To increase hair strength
  • To prevent hair breakage
As always with a product like this, I am quite sceptical as to how much of an effect it will actually have. It does contain a huge array of vitamins and minerals which I imagine to not only be beneficial for your hair, but also your general health overall. At £39.99 for 60 capsules I definitely should hope that they benefit my hair in some way. shape or form!

I am planning on doing an update post once I have finished taking the supplements over the course of 60 days. So far I have only been taking them for a little while and I haven't noticed a huge difference.. although I did hear that your hair health reflects what was going on 3 months ago so maybe it will just take that amount of time to show?

Have any of you tried hair supplements? Did they make a difference to your hair?

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