Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Cereal Killer Café

I visited the Cereal Killer café in London a little while back with Unite Students (you may have already seen). I thought I would do a separate post dedicated to just the Cereal Killer cafe.. simply because I love cereal and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there. I had actually been wanting to visit ever since it first opened so I was pretty (very very) excited. Oh and if you haven't already figured, it is a cafe that only sells cereal (and a lot of it!). Basically heaven for any cereal lover like myself! 

The cafe is located in the 'hipster' area - Shoreditch in London. It fits in perfectly with its quirky and retro style. 

I have to admit the outside of it isn't very eye catching and it doesn't look mega impressive (see above photo).. step inside though, and you are greeted with an array of colour and funky-ness! The whole decor theme is so retro that it leaves you feeling quite nostalgic. There is a huge blackboard with the impressive menu on it. This was quite overwhelming for someone who loves all cereal (except Weetabix.. they're so horrible and mushy?). 

They have everything from your typical classic cereals, to American cereals and even retro cereals (I'm talking POWERPUFF GIRL CEREAL.. like what?!). They offer different types of milk and a huge selection of toppings. They even have special cereal cocktails. I seriously recommend checking out the menu..(but don't if you're hungry because you might hate me a little bit for it). 

It was very difficult to choose what to have but I decided a peanut butter theme would be the way to go. I went for Jif peanut butter cereal (they had run out of peanut butter captain crunch * cries *) topped with peanut butter chips and regular semi skimmed milk. 


After choosing our cereal, we went and sat downstairs to eat. The room was very retro and cool - the perfect atmosphere to eat cereal. I could probably make the same cereal concoction at home but I bet it wouldn't taste quite as nice as it did there.

At £3.00 a small bowl (small bowl of one cereal with one topping) it is pretty pricey! Being the cereal lover that I am, I personally think it's really worth it for the huge choice that you get and the excitement of choosing what to have. You're kind of paying for the whole experience and the atmosphere. 

If you're visiting London or live in London (if you do and you haven't been yet - why?!) I would definitely recommend it for when you fancy a sweet treat or want to go somewhere a bit quirkier than your regular brunch spot. I definitely need to go back as there's so many more combinations I need to try! 

Have any of you been to the Cereal Killer Café? What did you have?/What would you have if you went? (here's the menu)

* We were kindly offered a discounted rate, however all opinions are my own *