Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Debenhams 'Flowers By Post'

It's only recently that I've started to appreciate the nice-ness of flowers. Is this a 'becoming an adult' thing or...

Anyway, I was lucky enough to receive possibly the prettiest bouquet of flowers I have ever seen from Debenhams. No one has actually ever bought me flowers before * cries * * dreams of Harry Styles buying me flowers * I was pretty pleased. They have a full range of Autumn flowers of which I opted for the 'Pure Berry' bouquet. This consisted of lilies, white thistles, green berries and pink roses. The pastel pink roses completely won me over as I am always drawn to anything pretty and pastel. The bouquet arrived in a pretty box (always a sucker for pretty packaging) and the flowers all super looked fresh and radiant.

Queue cheesy photo's of me and my flowers..

This standard bouquet costs £35.99 including free next day tracked flower delivery. I would never spend that much on flowers for myself.. (well I personally wouldn't buy myself flowers) but I think these are well worth it as a really lovely present for someone who can appreciate the quality of a higher end bouquet. 

Debenhams were kind enough to give me a discount code for the 'Flowers By Post' range to share with you. You can use the code DFBLOG25 to get a 25% discount off your order. 

I also just thought I would mention that with Christmas on it's way, Debenhams Flowers have the most amazing Christmas flowers and Christmas hampers range. It's definitely well worth a look if your stuck on Christmas ideas (yes I know it is still early for Christmas but it always comes quicker than you think so...). 

What's your favourite type of flower?

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