Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Little Topshop & Boohoo Haul

For a while I've been wearing the same style of clothes and pretty much alternating between the same few outfits. I think it's been mainly down to the fact that I haven't felt very confident in myself recently. Everything I tried on just made me feel haaayuge which made me not really want to buy anything. I was stuck in such a clothes rut and I didn't realise that maybe it was time to change the type of things that I buy. 

From the age of around 15 to 18 I always bought the same kind of things - very skinny jeans, fitted skirts, short fitted shorts.. basically everything quite tight and short! The other day, I ordered a dress from Topshop. Not super tight. Not crazy short. Just a nice and 'flowy' kind of dress. I didn't think I would like it but I was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it made me feel. I'm not saying that I think I look amazing in it by any means.. but it was just nice to finally find something that I could wear without feeling so self conscious. Anyway.. buying that dress kind of inspired me and I have recently bought a few things to start filling the gaps in my wardrobe. 

Black Culotte Shorts, Boohoo, £6

I just got these as a staple wardrobe piece since they're super basic and go with pretty much any top/jumper. I find the 'culotte' style very flattering as it flares out and seems to make my legs look a bit slimmer. I'll be wearing these a lot with thick tights and ankle boots this A/W.

Embroidered Smock Dress, Topshop, £36

I think I'm a bit (a lot) in love with this dress. The embroidered design is so pretty and it goes perfectly with tights and Chelsea boots for a smart-casual kind of look.

High Neck Flippy Tunic, Topshop, £20

Again, a very simple piece that is so versatile and can be teamed with various things. I've got my eye on one of those blanket wrap things from New Look which I think this will go perfectly with. 

Geometric Print Shirt, Topshop, £42

I'm not normally one for prints but I saw this and I had to buy it! I really like the whole dressed-up-shirt-vibe thing. I think shirts are probably going to become something that I buy a lot.

Black Culottes, Boohoo, £4

I'm pretty sure culottes are a very 'marmite' thing. I would never have considered wearing them before since they're longer than anything I used to go for. I tried some out of curiosity and actually really liked them. They almost just look like you're wearing a dress but without the hassle of wearing a dress. Oh and can we just talk about how they were only FOUR POUNDS! Seriously how have I only just discovered how good Boohoo is?!

That's everything! I appreciate that the pictures don't really show off the full clothing piece.. but life is hard when your white Ikea table isn't big enough to get a good clothes photo..