Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Witch Skincare & Challenging Yourself

Back in May I received the most amazing 'Exam Survival Kit from Witch Skincare (You can read all about that here). I was pretty excited when Witch contacted me again and asked if I would be interested in their latest campaign (and of course I said yes). Since the end of the year is looming, it seems very fitting that their latest project is all about challenging yourself by 'switching things up' with the #SwitchToWitch challenges. I'm definitely the kind of person that gets very stuck in a rut and tends to stick to the same old routine.. so I'm probably the ideal candidate for this! Every once in a while it's nice to 'switch it up' and try something new. 

The box I received contained a variety of things to assist me in completing the challenges, as well as lots of Witch skin care goodies (review post coming soon). In total there are 5 challenges to have a go at..

Switch Up Your Outfit

For this challenge, a £20 Asos gift voucher came in the box - how brilliant..now to decide what to spent it on! Trying out a new style is something that I find can be really helpful. I mentioned this very recently, but I got myself into a bit of a style rut and I realised I didn't feel very confident or happy in the clothes I was wearing. Since then, I've been trying out new things and it's made me enjoy shopping AND has boosted my body confidence a little. 

Switch Up Your Skincare

The range of Witch skin care products that came in the box are obviously going to be useful for this challenge! With it being Autumn (and Winter on its way), it's obviously the perfect time to try out new skin care products and change your routine. For me the challenge is more a case of actually sticking to a proper routine! I can be so lazy with it but I'm determined to be consistent and help improve the quality of my skin.

Switch Up Your Mornings

For this challenge, I was given a book of 'Mindfulness'. I have to admit, I do like a nice inspirational quote and the book is sort of just like lots of those. Very cute and motivational. I do think that changing your regular morning routine can really help to improve your whole day. Rather than starting my morning with an hour long social media scroll, I've been trying to get up and start being productive right away. If I start the day on a productive high, then I find it easier to maintain.

Switch Up Your Blog

From my own experience, I know that it's so easy to get into a blogging rut! Trying out a different style of post or coming up with some new topics to blog about can be really helpful in inspiring more ideas and even attracting some new readers. When I first started my blog, I pretty much focussed solely on fashion and beauty, but now I much prefer to mix it up with random lifestyle things as that's just what I enjoy most. I really want to introduce more foodie posts (because who doesn't love food) as well as lifestyle posts on specific topics.

Switch Up Your Hairstyle

For this challenge I was given a little box of hair chalks. I'm not entirely sure if they are going to work on my dark hair.. but we shall see! I have to say, I'm not remotely imaginative with my hair. I've had the same long hair for years. I'm kind of tempted to get it cut quite a lot shorter but at the same time, the thought doesn't exactly fill me with joy. As I said, I'm a person of routine and I tend to just stick with the things I get used to. I think this will be the biggest challenge for me!

Those are the 5 challenges that Witch have come up with and I have to say, I think they are quite fitting for me being the routine queen that I am! I hope this post has maybe inspired you to challenge yourself or think of some little changes that you could make to improve your mood or just life in general. 

My review of the Witch Skin Care products will be coming soon as well as a giveaway to win some Witch products yourself! 

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* Witch were kind enough to send me the amazing box of things, however this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own!*