Friday, 30 December 2016

My new year resolution/goal type things

GUYS, where did 2016 go? I'm also kind of scared at how fast my birthday (in March) is coming back round again. I'm not really feeling being 21 TBH.

I talked about all my highlights of 2016 here and thought I would do a separate post for my goals for 2017. I say 'goals' as I think resolutions are a bit meh and who even sticks to them anyway? 

Career career career
Towards the end of this year I feel like I've suddenly become so much more motivated *touches wood*. Starting my digital marketing internship has made me realise how much I want to do well career-wise and how I really need to step up my game. My internship finishes at the end of February and after that, a goal of mine is to get a paid job in digital marketing. I think it's going to be a difficult process as its competitive and let's face it, there'll always be someone that has more experience and expertise than me. Wow I'm pessimistic.. but yes, that is something I plan on doing and I know I'll be able to do it if I put the effort in. yes you work that optimism Rach
Alongside my job, I obviously plan on continuing my degree and working extra hard on it. I say this all the time, but I am going to put more effort into assignments and tasks. I've actually already been doing this for the past few months and its amazing what a difference a little more effort can make. I aim to achieve at least a second - this is where I kind of hate myself because I know a first is achievable for me, but would just require a LOT of motivation.. where can I buy motivation?

Take more pictures & SLAY Insta
As you might already know, I got an Olympus Pen for Christmas - GOD BLESS MY PARENTS. I really want to start taking more pictures and obviously continue slaying on my instagram (@r_achelmarie). 

Those are my goals! Would love to hear what yours are in the comments.


Friday, 23 December 2016

Highlights of my 2016

2016 seems to have got the reputation for being what seems like the worst year ever. HOWEVER Some really cool things have happened to me this year. Like REALLY cool things. I just thought I would show them off because hey, why not.  

1. I Passed my driving test

So I already did a blog post on this and updated everyone on every social media known to man (sorry not sorry). Being told I had passed was probably the best feeling I've experienced so I guess that would technically make 2016 my best year yet.

2. I Met Victoria & had very fab times in London

Vicky and I became friends because of our blogs (and the fact we share a love of Eurovision). After talking to each other for ages, we finally met in real life in April. She's become SUCH a good pal of mine and hanging in London with has definitely been a highlight of my year. LY VV. 

3. I met (and got drunk with) Hugo from made in Chelsea

This was back in January so it actually feels like it was forever ago.. but for those of you that don't know, I live in a hotel. I walked into the bar one night and there was Hugo and his pals! It was kind of surreal! Next thing I knew I was there doing shots of absinthe with Hugo from Made In Chelsea - as you do.

 4. I changed my hair

I've had super long hair since I was around 14 and had been adamant for so long that I would never have short hair again. One day I was feeling kind of bored and just decided to cut lots off and I'm not sure why I didn't do it sooner. It's 10 times easier to wash/style and looks a lot healthier. Then came my fringe. Now I just feel a lot more ~me~ and more styled.

5. I got the best digital marketing internship ever

You may have already seen on Instagram and Twitter that I am in the process of completing a digital marketing internship. Not only am I basically doing my dream job but it's also for a company that I love - Top Collar (basically like Graze boxes but for dogs) and I work for the most lovely boss ever in the worlds most aesthetically pleasing office. Yay for all the happy. 

6. I discovered my huge love of coffee

Maybe sounds like a silly one but going out for a nice coffee with friends/family has become my favourite pastime. Coffee is just THE best. 

It's been a really great year for me and I hope 2017 is just as good (would be amazing if it is EVEN better).

What have your highlights of the year been?

Friday, 16 December 2016

A hair change

Between the ages of 13 and 20, I always had the same very long, all one length hair. I thought I wouldn't ever have my hair any other way until I suddenly became fond of the idea of cutting my hair a bit shorter. I feel like shorter styles are so ~trendy~ at the moment and I tend to follow the crowd so hey, thought I'd give it a go. 

I haven't actually been to a proper hairdresser since I was 14 so I just cut my hair myself! So many people seem to find that crazy but it's honestly not difficult in the slightest - when your hair is all one length anyway. I decided to cut my hair a little shorter and I did this about 3 times until my hair would probably be classed as a long bob? I don't know the technical terms.. but yep, you can see in the pictures. 

I was worried I'd regret the cut but the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. 

  • It makes my hair look so much thicker because I no longer have that long straggly mop. 
  • It requires half the effort to wash and dry it.
  • It requires half the effort to style it.
  • It doesn't need to be styled to look presentable because it is no longer just a long mop.
  • I personally think it looks a lot nicer, makes me look more 'grown up' and less 'little girl-y'. 

I stuck with that hair style for a little while but I swear once you start changing your hair, you get addicted to that hair changing buzz - just me? I feel like fringes are also SO in at the moment and I'd been contemplating cutting one in for a while but kept chickening out. Megan Ellaby posted the most beaut selfie on Instagram (see below) and that was all the encouragement I needed.

I also feel like I was inspired by Arden Rose, Jess Woodley from MIC and of course the queen of the fringe, Zooey Deschanel. I watched a few Youtube tutorials on how to cut a fringe and voila. The fringe happened. I personally really love how it looks and think it flatters my face shape a lot more than when I didn't have a fringe. ALSO..

  • I no longer have to get my eyebrows done or make any effort with my brows.
  • I no longer need any foundation on my forehead.
  • A simple top knot hairstyle actually looks stylish and not like I've just shoved it up to go to the gym.. not that I ever go to the gym.

If you've had the same hair style for a long time then I would definitely recommend changing it up. It's super fun and like me, you might realise that you actually suit something a lot different than what you thought. 

What do you think of my new hair style? Have you changed your hair recently?

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Mangobean, Darlington

Mangobean is a relatively new cafe in Darlington. It's actually a chain cafe but I don't think I've ever come across another one before. They do all your typical Starbs coffee's as well as delicious Belgian waffles with brownies, ice cream and marshmallows - YUM. 

The decor is cool and has a kind of jungle theme to it. It's quirky which goes with the peculiar cafe name. Why Mangobean? I ordered a pumpkin spice cappuccino - any cafe that has pumpkin spice syrup is a winner. My friend went for a regular mocha and waffle (which looked amazing). 

The coffee was really yum but not quite as strong as I usually like it. They put the perfect amount of pumpkin spice in and I LOVED the coffee art. My friend said the waffle was nice but a little undercooked and dough-y. How delicious does it look though!

The thing that stands out about Mangobean is how cheap it is. My coffee was the large size, with an added syrup and still only came to around £2.95. It's what, half the price of Starbucks and arguably better as I find Starbs can be SO hit and miss.

Mangobean is definitely worth a coffee stop if you get the chance. Super inexpensive and yummy coffee with all the coffee options you could want. They actually have a special chilli latté on at the moment which I'm really keen to try. 

Monday, 5 December 2016

The Fossgate Social, York

On Saturday I went to York to catch up with a friend who I hadn't seen for 3 whole years! I hadn't been to York since last year which is crazy considering it's probably my favourite city - also where I was born and lived until I was 6. I get so many nostalgic feels whenever I go! 

A trip to York (or anywhere for that matter) meant coffee and cake was very much an essential. My friend recommended the Fossgate social which is a cafe bar - something I very much like the concept of. Brownie and a G&T anyone? I just think it's cool how you could be sipping a latte and eating cake while your friend is getting on 'the sesh'. L o l.

The aesthetic of the cafe was really cool too. Quite dark as you would expect a bar to be, but still with cafe styled decor. It was SO busy and we actually ended up sitting outside in the freezing cold... but hey, what are hot drinks for. 

I ordered a vanilla latté (they don't have syrups on display but I asked), my friend ordered an americano (I know, how boring) and we both went for the chocolate orange cake. The coffee was really really good. The coffee was strong and they put quite a lot of vanilla syrup in it. Some people might have found it too sweet but I'm a big fan of super sweet coffee and hate when they don't put enough syrup in. The cake was yum and tasted like Terry's chocolate orange.. but a bit on the dry side and could have definitely done with more icing. 

I would definitely recommend the Fossgate Social. The atmosphere is just really great and I'm definitely craving that coffee again right now. 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Cutter & Squidge, Soho

Alas, I have another coffee place post! 

Just like Timberyard, I went to Cutter & Squidge when I was staying with my pal, Vicky in London. I'd say it's a very 'blogger styled' cafe - all white with lots of colourful decor. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a long counter displaying the most incredible cakes. All perfectly iced, layered and decorated. SO MUCH YUM.

It was super busy which wasn't really surprising since it was a Saturday and clearly a popular place. We thought there was no free tables at first but we managed to find one - A major phew moment as I was super excited to try the coffee and cake here. 

I chose the chocolate chip dream cake and a salted caramel latte - 10 points to them for having salted caramel syrup mmmMMmm. I believe Vicky chose the Eton mess cake (or something pink and fruity anyway) and a matcha latte. I'd been curious about matcha latté's but Vicky let me try some of hers and I soon discovered they are not to my liking at all. Legit gross (no offence V). Matcha tastes like seafood to me but apparently that's a common thing? Oh well, at least it made my insta pic look prettier.. 

My cake was super yum but at the same time it was just sort of your standard super yummy chocolate cake. Nothing majorly ground breaking. It wasn't dry in the slightest which is something that can definitely make or break a cake - rhymes for daaaaaays. For someone that loves all sweet treats to be super indulgent, I actually found the icing was a bit light. After reading the website, this makes complete sense. The place is actually kind of health conscious and it says they aim to keep fat and sugar to a minimum in all of their products. In my opinion, I think if you're going to eat cake then you may as well go all out. No? I just think that if you're a super health conscious person then you're more likely to not eat cake at all or eat cake made with all clean ingredients.. so quite a niche market? But yeah, I guess it's cool to try and be a bit healthier. 

I'll stop ranting about that now. 

I tried a bite of Vicky's cake which was also lovely and had such a strong fruity flavour to it. Not surprising since they use actual real fruit in the cake and icing!

The salted caramel latté was soooO good. Perfect coffee strength, just the right amount of salted caramel. Perfection.

The coffee and cake came to around £9 something which is pretty expensive, but hey, it's London and a cute, perfect little blogger joint.. so totes worth it. No but seriously, despite it not being out of this world amazing, the cake was still tasty, the coffee was perfect and the atmosphere was very lovely. 

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Timberyard, Soho

2016 has been quite the dramatic year. But amongst all the bad stuff, something good has come out of it for me - the discovery of my love of coffee. Coffee is just

e v e r y t h i n g.

And you're probably already aware of my relationship with coffee if you follow me on Instagram/Twitter as I don't really stop going on about it (sorry (although I'm not really sorry because, coffee)). 

Last week I went to London to see my absolute bestie, Victoria (y'all should check out her blog). She introduced me to Timberyard in Soho and oh my goodness, I'm kind of obsessed. 

It's basically the ultimate hipster esque coffee place. Very 'my aesthetic' with lots of black, white and pops of colour here and there. Of course there is free wifi and lots of seating available with plug sockets. Perfect for those super cool people who go to coffee shops with their MacBooks and sip on latté's all day while doing work. 

There was SO many cakes and yummy foods to choose from but Vicky highly recommended the crodough's so it had to be done. I went for a peanut butter and jam crodough aka half croissant, half doughnut. Have you ever heard of something that sounds so magical? Vicky went for the dulce de leche crodough and we both got a latté. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that the crodough was one of the nicest things I have ever eaten in my life. That dreamy layered texture of a croissant but with the sweet dough-nuty flavour and obviously mine had the addition of pb & j which was just, insanely good. It was also quite a big treat which I'm all for because if I want to indulge then I want to INDULGE.

The latte was also really good and THAT LATTE ART. The coffee flavour was quite strong but not overpowering and bitter at all. The only down side was that they had no coffee syrup as I always prefer to add a flavour rather than plain sugar. 

I think for the latté and crodough, it came to around £7 something which I think is actually very reasonably priced because 1) it's London, 2) the crodough was a good sized treat and 3) the crodough was the most delicious thing ever. 

I will just also mention that this place has such a good selection of vegan, dairy free and gluten free options. They even have almond milk which is great for all those non-dairy eating coffee lovers. 

Quite obviously I highly recommend that you visit Timberyard if you have the opportunity to do so. What a dream. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Christmas shopping made easy

For once I have decided to actually be organised and get the majority of my Christmas shopping done before December. Yep - who even am I? It probably helps that I'm feeling super supER festive this year, especially after visiting Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. I very much recommend for all you crazy christmas festive people out there! 

To make my Christmas shopping easier, I have been trying to buy a lot of the presents from the same places. If you have a wide range of gifts to purchase this Christmas, browsing through a catalogue is a great place to start. Especially if you're kinda lazy like me and want to be able to do all your christmas shopping from the comfort of your own bed! I also find actual Christmas shopping in shops is SO stressful when you've got a lot of things to buy. Whether you need to buy a present for a spouse or family member, a colleague or boss, you'll find what you're looking for, including home appliances, toys and games, accessories and the latest must-have fashion. Here are catalogues that stock gifts for all ages, from eight to 88.

1. Next

Next is one of the biggest catalogue companies in the country. This retailer has a presence on the UK high street, too, so you can pop into your local branch to make an application for a credit account or make a repayment. You can also apply online or over the phone, and you should receive a decision about your application in just a few minutes. If you've been accepted for finance, you'll be able to spread the cost of any purchases you make through the Next catalogue and make repayments in monthly instalments. You can have your items delivered to your home address, too, perfect if you live far away from the shops. Next stocks clothes and gifts for all ages, including children's toys, latest mens fashion and the latest womens fashion in a wide range of designs and styles.

2. Very

Very is another catalogue that caters to all ages. Very has items for every member of the family, including children's clothes and toys, as well as household items and consumer electronics. You can find everything from suits to laptops under one roof, saving you loads of time and hassle. Now you can open a credit account online. If accepted, you can spread the cost of payments and won't be charged any interest if you pay for your item in full within three months. For more details, check out the Very website.

So there you go - two great shops that sell something for everyone, making christmas shopping 10 times easier. 

Where do you like to do your Christmas shopping?

This post is sponsored by Zoom Online Media

Sunday, 13 November 2016

learning to drive: my experience

I haven’t written a blog post in 5ever but to be honest it’s just because there hasn’t really been anything to write about? I’m just a super boring person okay.

On the 6th November last year I had my first driving lesson and on the 31st October this year I passed my driving test! I still can’t believe it! (I also learnt and passed in an automatic car as I cannot work gears for the life of me).

Learning to drive is definitely the hardest, most challenging and stressful thing I have ever done in my life. This will probably sound a bit over dramatic to a lot of people but I honestly found it to be such a traumatic process. For almost an entire year I dreaded my driving lessons every Thursday and as you can probably guess, driving didn't come naturally to me. I thought the lessons would get less scary as I improved.. oh how wrong I was. In fact I was still super nervous for my last lesson.

There was a few weeks in a row about half way through my ‘learning process’ where I had some awful lessons. Everything seemed to go wrong. I cried after my lessons and seriously considered giving up. I pushed through though. Partly because I wanted to be able to drive more than anything but also because I’d spent way too much money by this point (£55 a week – very painful and I don’t even want to know how much I spent in total).

So I carried on which I’m actually really proud of myself for. Weeks went by where I felt like I made no progress at all but eventually everything kind of clicked. My driving instructor asked me if I wanted to get my practical test booked and I was just like ???????. By this point I kind of had it in my head that I wouldn’t ever get there but the time did come! I guess I’m just writing this to say that if you’re SUPER nervous about learning to drive or you’re getting disheartened by having weeks of lessons and not feeling like you’re making any progress, then don’t give up! Because seriously, if I can do it than anyone can – I kind of hate this phrase but it works perfectly in this case because I honestly started out as being the worst, most nervy driver ever.

I passed my driving test on the second attempt and I’m not going to lie, the two tests were the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. In fact I was so nervous that I kind of became beyond nervous and being in the test situation felt so? Surreal? I took some anxiety medication before both tests which helped a lot. I obviously still felt extremely nervous but the medication really helped to control my shaking. I am actually really good at working under pressure so once the first test started, everything seemed to go smoothly and I felt like I drove a lot better than in my lessons. I’m bad for relying too much on other people but obviously the examinors can’t tell you anything so I actually think that’s what made me drive a lot better. Unfortunately I failed my first test for driving too slowly on one road. An extremely annoying way to fail and ironically I think I drove too slowly because I was so overwhelmed by the fact that everything seemed to actually be going well.

I was super upset when I failed.. even though I thought I would fail (yes I’m a very pessimistic person). I found the failure thing difficult to cope with because I’d really tried so hard and yet it hadnt paid off. I got my second test booked for 3 weeks later and one lesson booked for before the test. That last driving lesson did not go well at all. In fact I basically messed up every manoever (except turn in the road) which knocked my confidence even more and I pretty much didn’t even consider that I would pass.

The test day came around and this time I had the most lovely examinor (the first one was okay but seemed a bit off and moody). He was really reassuring and that helped a lot, even though I still had no confidence in passing L O L. Again everything seemed to go smoothly except for when I thought i'd messed up on a roundabout and convinced myself I'd failed. The manoever I got was the reverse round a corner – my nightmare as I’d completely messed this up on my lesson before. I was kind of annoyed when he asked me to do it because I was just thinking, I’ve already failed so why are you asking me to do the most difficult manoever?! I ended up taking so much time over it because I really didn’t want to do it wrong.. and I didn’t!. 

When I eventually got back to the test centre I was already feeling pretty meh because I wasn’t looking forward to telling everyone I’d failed again. Then the examiner told me I had passed.

And I was just like, "WHAT?!

You know on X Factor when someone gets through to the next round and they’re like hysterical and crying and jumping up and down – that was me.

I gave my instructor a hug and the examinor was just sat laughing at me. It was just such an amazing feeling and I still get a little buzz when I think about it now. I’d never thought the day would come and I’m still finding it surreal that I’m now allowed to drive on my own! Best day ever.

Since I already had a car that I’d been practising in, I sorted out my insurance ASAP (another major challenge as insurance is ridiculously expensive) and I was off! I was super nervous about my first drive alone but literally after about a minute of driving it felt so normal and fun and just so EASY. Like ridiculously easier when theres no one watching and judging everything you do. The freedom of knowing I can go where I want and whenever I want is so cool. What a time to be alive.

Now to start saving for my Audi R8.

Friday, 12 August 2016

The most delicious chocolate fudge cake ever ever (can be made vegan)

I really enjoy getting my bake on every once in a while. I've suddenly developed a strong love for chocolate fudge cake. I didn't actually used to like chocolate cake.. nope, I don't understand either? 

Anyway, I decided to make a chocolate fudge cake. The one I made is just a little one as bigger cakes seem to go stale before me and my fam have time to get through them. This recipe makes the perfect little cake that serves 4 large slices or 6 smaller slices. It has the perfect level of chocolate fudgy-ness.

Oh and 'cute but psycho'. I thought it was an amusing phrase that sums me up pretty well. Jokes. I'm cool as a cucumber...
* shifty eyes *

You will need...
  • 90g of self raising flour
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • 75g of sugar
  • 1 beaten egg (or 1 tablespoon of oil mixed with 1 teaspoon of baking powder if you want it to be vegan)
  • 75ml of vegetable or sunflower oil
  • 1 tablespoon of golden syrup
  • A small lined cake pan
  • Betty Crocker chocolate icing (optional but I v much recommend bc delicious)

Basically all you do is sift the dry ingredients together, make a well, add the dry ingredients and voila. Once the mixture is combined and super smooth, pour it into your lined cake pan and bake for around 20 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. 

Once out the oven, wait for the cake to completely cool and I mean COMPLETELY. Even if it's a tiny bit warm, the icing will melt and run everywhere. At this point you can do whatever you like with it. Buttercream is nice but my personal favourite is the Betty Crocker chocolate fudge icing. It is just completely heavenly (and also vegan if you want your cake to be vegan). 

And finally, devour. :)

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Some New Additions (& Dot Creates Discount Code!!)

I recently got some new things so I thought I would share with y'all on the good old blog. 

I've been longing for a Calvin Klein underwear set for the longest time but for around £50  for the two piece set (!!!!) I could really never justify the purchase. Anyway you know those Twitter competitions where you just retweet and follow the account? Well I entered one of those and I was lucky enough to win! I honestly think my luck had reached an all time sky high that day! It's fair to say that since then I've been entering more of those competitions whilst also trying not to clog up everyones feed. 

So..the actual set? Well I can honestly say it's the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. It makes me feel super put together when I'm wearing it (well pretty much any underwear that is matching does that). I also think it looks super flattering which is always nice. I'm not sure whether I would actually pay that price but I do really love it. The only thing I wish is that the bralette had a tiny bit of padding but hey, that's non-existent boob problems for you. 

Next up I got a new phone. If you follow me on Twitter you may know that a few months ago I lost my beloved iPhone 5 on a night out which resulted in me having to fork out a soul destroying £415 (!!!!) on a new iPhone 6S. So painful. I mean to be fair I didn't have to get a 6S but I thought I might as well spend the extra £100 to have the most up to date phone. I am on it 24/7 after all. 

It's fair to say I'm obsessed with my new phone. I mainly just love the fact that the camera is sooooo much better quality. The only annoying thing is that the battery life is pretty poor. Seriously when are they going to invent iPhones that don't need to be on charge 80% of the time?? Sigh. 

I tweeted about how excited I was to get my new phone and the lovely Danielle from Dot Creates contacted me to see if i'd like to try out one of her phone cases. I love her design style so it was an immediate YES! I opted for the Flora case which is a minty green colour with a cute leaf print. The case is super sturdy and I'm completely obsessed with the pale mint green shade. I definitely recommend you check out her site if you're looking for a pretty phone case. Oh and if you fancy buying anything from her lovely online store, you can use the code 'RachelMarie20' to get 20% off your purchase!

Lastly I bought a car. I haven't passed my test yet (and probably won't for a good while) so I just needed to get something super cheap that I can practise in. Even though this is potentially just going to be a temporary thing, I wanted something that wasn't 'stereotypical young driver' (not that there's anything wrong with that). I ended up buying a Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin which is basically a smaller version of a 4x4 - yep, something you completely wouldn't expect for a petite girly girl like myself. Now let's just hope I actually manage to pass my test at some point in the future * crosses fingers *. 

And that's everything. To be honest I really haven't been spending a lot on things at the moment as so much of my money is going towards driving lessons. I don't even want to count up how much I've spent on lessons but I would probably have a mini heart attack if I did. So there's that. If any of you have any driving test tips, that would be much appreciated (my test isn't booked yet but I'm getting there.. kind of). 

Thursday, 30 June 2016

My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Although I feel like Instagram is definitely not as good as it was, thanks to the stupid algorithm (seriously? who thought that would be a good idea?), I still find myself putting more effort into 'theming' my account. I don't care if it's uncool and how many weird looks I get. The time springs to mind when I was looking round a supermarket car park for a white car so I could take a picture of my milkshake with a white background. It's fair to say my family thought I had gone a bit mad by that point but I managed to find a white Range Rover and all was well. I feel like you will either relate to this or think I am slightly bonkers. I'm aware I'm probably the latter but hopefully you guys 'get' me. 

I try my best with my theme but I definitely don't have as much of a natural talent for it as some of the people that I follow. It also doesn't help that I live in the middle of nowhere. Let's face it, my theme would be bomb AF if I lived in London or New York. I thought I would share some of my favourite accounts with you all because what's better than sharing some social media love! 

First up, Daisy Ashcroft (@daisyashcroft). Her crisp and minimal white theme is basically my theme goal. Every picture is just so cute and perfect. Also she manages to capture lots of pretty pictures of London which gives me major London life envy. 

My partner in crime, Victoria (@vvnightingale) has the loveliest theme going on at the moment. I absolutely love all the pastel colours and cutesy style. She also features a lot of coffee and I for one am an appreciator of pictures of pretty latté art. 

I've been following Hayley (@hayerlily) on Instagram for a while now and I just find her feed so aesthetically pleasing. She studies surface pattern and produces such beautiful and intricate paper cutting designs (I'm not exactly sure whether there's a proper word for them). Her account also features lots of latte art so.. need I say more.

The epitome of all things pink and girly! Catherine's feed ( is basically a work of art. Everything is just so fairy-princess-unicorn-magical-esque. She also makes the most beautiful cakes - I long for those cake decorating skills. 

The last favourite that I'm sharing with you is Charlotte's account (@_charlottesweb). I love her light and floral aesthetic - very pretty. She posts delicious looking foodie pictures and I love her outfit photos as I really admire her style.

Well.. those are my current favourites! I'd love to know what your favourites are? - let me know in the comments. Oh and feel free to follow me on Instagram if you wish (@r_achelmarie).

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Quay Australia Sunglasses

I've been lusting after a pair of Quay Australia sunglasses since they became all the rage last year. I love the quirky and statement style of QA sunglasses so it definitely took me a while to narrow down which pair I wanted..If only I could afford them all * sigh *. I opted for the ever so trendy cat eye shape with mirrored lenses and marble frames. Yes I picked marble. Could I be more cliché? Probably not. This particular style is actually exclusive to Asos.

I'm pretty fussy with sunglasses and usually find it so difficult to find a pair that are the right size/shape for my fairly round baby face (wasn't I blessed..). These though. Never have I ever been so in love with a pair of sunglasses. 

I really didn't even expect to like them as much as I do. I just find the style is so flattering and they're the perfect size - not ridiculously big (although some people think they are) but still statement. I mostly wear black/minimial colours so the marble design adds a little something. 

It's also worth noting that for a well known designer brand seen on high profile celebrities, QA are super inexpensive. The pair I bought were only £30 (Here's the link to them)

Do you have any Quay Australia sunglasses?

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Decor Details

Despite not having my own house or flat to decorate, I still adore all things homeware. I absolutely can't wait to be able to decorate my own place one day. 

I think it's nice how small details can add so much to a room. I was very kindly send some cute art prints from Zoe who runs the online store Everything Is Fine. I love how simple, yet beautifully designed they are. I think my favourite one has to be the little cacti with the caption 'don't be a prick' because, well, wise words to live by. I'm on the hut for some nice frames to put these in so I can have them up on my bedroom walls. 

Next I was also kindly sent some lovely pieces from the online homeware store, Adorn Decor. Adorn Decor sell beautiful, hand picked & home accessories.

They sent me two pieces. A white decorative lantern (£25) with a copper roof and a grey and mint vase (£10). Both pieces are so me. I mean anything with rose gold detailing and pretty pastel colours is right up my street. Both items are designed so nicely and are really good quality. They would make the perfect addition to a room if you're going for that trendy shabby chic look. 

I love these little additions to my room and definitely think they add a little extra something to a fairly minimalist bedroom. I also always think it's nice to support independent brands like this as they put so much work into selling really lovely, high quality products.

What's your favourite homeware store?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

New Witch Skincare: Micellar Water & Daily Primer + Clearing Serum

As you may know, a few weeks back I was invited to attend a Witch Skin Care event in London along with three other bloggers. As part of the event we were exclusively introduced to the two new Witch Skin Care products before they had even hit the shelves. It all felt very fancy.

The first of the new products is the Witch Micellar Water. Now I have to admit that I can be very lazy when it comes to makeup removal and I tend to just go for the makeup wipe option (the Witch makeup wipes are actually really good). However since being given this product to try, I've really been doing my best to cleanse every morning and evening. I've definitely got into the habit now so that's always good... and I'm sure my skin is very thankful. 

Anyway, back to the product! What I love about this is that a little goes a long way. All you need is a few drops on a cotton wool pad and it's more than enough to clean away all your makeup. I've found that after using it my skin feels so refreshed and glowing.

The second of the new products is the Daily Primer & Clearing Serum. Oh how I adore this product. What I love about this is that it combines two great things. Not only does it help to control spots, it also helps to keep your makeup on. Oh and it really does. While using this I manage to maintain a full face of makeup over the course of a day or even throughout a night out without any major need for top ups. 

I love both of these products and have really noticed the difference in my skin after using them religiously for a few weeks. I'm experiencing less break outs and my skin is definitely clearer than it was before. I am forever recommending Witch skincare products as I find them to be so effective yet so inexpensive for what they are! 

The two products are available to buy in store and online. The Micellar Water is available from Boots here and the primer is available from Superdrug here

What's your favourite Witch product?