Friday, 5 February 2016

Miss Sporty Spring/Summer 2016 Launches

The other day I was just sat doing my usual thing (aka struggling over an exceptionally tedious business assignment) when I was pleasantly surprised with the delivery of a large parcel. Miss Sporty sent me the entire range of their new Spring/Summer 2016 'Insta Glow' product launches. Oh and not to forget that they also sent me my favourite emoji in cushion form. I was ever so excited. 

In my experience, Miss Sporty products tend to be very hit and miss. I've found some very disappointing but some of them seriously good (even better than higher end brands), which is quite good considering how inexpensive Miss Sporty Products are.

The range is called 'Insta Glow' which seems very fitting with the current trend/obsession to have this super glow-y/highlighted look. I am quite the fan of a good highlight although I definitely think there's a fine line between looking glowing and simply looking like a shimmery glitter ball. Anyway, what did I think of the products?..

Insta Glow Primer
I love primer and rarely apply makeup without it these days. I'm used to using ones that create a more smooth matte base on my face (unintentional rhyme) so it did seem slightly odd applying a primer that had more of a dewy consistency. Nevertheless, it still leaves a smooth base for foundation to be applied. The only thing I would say is that I had to completely avoid putting any on my nose because who wants a shiny nose?! Not me. I have been using this under my regular foundation (Boujoirs Healthy Mix) and it definitely gives a nice glow while keeping my foundation in place nicely. I do find that I have to top my face up with a bit of powder so it's not overly dewy, but yes, definitely a respectable primer.

Insta Glow Foundation
This foundation is probably the lightest coverage foundation I've ever used. It's so thin and liquid which did mean very smooth application and no bother to blend at all. Because it's so light coverage I obviously had to layer it up a bit. It seemed build able at first however at close glance it had started to look patchy and cakey all over my face. Obviously everyone has different skin types so it may work for you.. but for me, this foundation is definitely a no-go. 

Insta Glow Bronzer & Blusher
Something that I love about both the Insta Glow bronzers and the blushers is that they are such nice and natural shades. Because the bronzers are fairly light, it makes it so easy to build up a subtle yet still defining contour. Obviously as this is the Insta Glow range, the bronzer adds such a pretty glow. I had a feeling they would be too shimmery but was pleasantly surprised at how natural it actually looked once applied. I also find the blushers add a perfect minimal rosy-ness to the cheeks with that hint of glow. I've been so impressed with these and swapped my usual products (Nars Laguna bronzer and Soap & Glory blusher) for these in my every day makeup. 

Studio Lash Dark Lasher Mascara
I've tried out a lot of Miss Sporty mascara's now and I find them all fairly similar in how good they are. They definitely require a bit of layering up to really make your lashes look volumised, but once you've done that then the end result is similar to that of a higher end mascara. I've mentioned this before but I honestly think that mascara is one of those things you really don't need to spend a crazy amount on. It's just not worth it when you can get such inexpensive ones that can be just as good!

Miss Sporty 3D Gel Top Nail Coat
I liked the idea of this product and it definitely added a nice glossy & gel effect look when used as a nail top coat. However I did find that once painted on, it really didn't help to keep my nail varnish on for longer. In fact my nail varnish was completely peeling off in one big piece off my nail. So yeah, this is probably better for just making your nails look nice for an evening/day out.. but any longer than that and it just doesn't seem to last.

Do you use any Miss Sporty products? What are you favourites?